View Full Version : AAC 51T mount/can "wobble"

December 24, 2017, 12:34
I have an aac sd556 can that I cannot get to seat fully on four different 51t mounts. It needs just a little more room for the latch to make it past the last tooth so there is slight movement of the can and the latch is not fully seated.

I called aac, explained the problem and offered to send my mounts with the can but they refused. Sent me an rma, sent the can in for repair. It comes back supposedly with a new latch assembly. Problem is still there.

Anyone else have this occur? Have you taken the shoulder of the mount down to resolve with any luck?

January 06, 2018, 14:30
Have a employee at LGS with same issue. He only has one can and swaps it often. I think his issue stems from spinning it on without holding latch button down till starts to snug up. Hearing it go tick, tick, tick as he spins it on just sounds like he is causing wear. I hold button down till feel can stop then twist enough to hear a single click. Make sure to hold button depressed fully entire removal cycle as well. Have over two dozen rifles with AAC 51T Ratchet Mount suppressor adaptors along with two AAC 7.62SDN's and two AAC 7.62SDN-6's with no cans having any issues with any of my suppressors.

When sell them in the store I always recommend people be careful with latch and not just spin it on haphazardly or quickly. Other than employee we have had two clients with same issue but AAC made it right all times. Have you tried having your vendor handling the return? It's possiby our most popular can and know we have sold well over 100 and only three have had issues locking up snugly. That said they still worked and did so without endstrikes before sent back. I baby all my quick change cans as do not want to mess one up but once can is locked on think nothing about putting in passenger seat of truck with can nose down in floorboard and rifle bouncing around in truck all day. Have a 6.8 that rides to work with an SDN-6 several days per week.