View Full Version : mag problem or gun problem help me find this out please

June 20, 2002, 22:18
so whent to the range(backyard) with my cai L1A1 and start blasting bang bang then on the last 2 round i get bolt overrides in both mags WTF now whats wrong could it be the mag springs are weak?? thanks guys William

June 21, 2002, 05:08
What kind of receiver do you have? Is it inch or metric? It could be a short mag catch that's not pushing the magazine all the way up, try some other mags (if you have them), or a weak mag catch spring. Are you getting any gouges on the casings? If it does the same thing with different Mags it's possible it's the gun. Once you have the mag in it see if the mag will pull back in the mag well any. If the Mag moves then you need to apply a bead of weld on the tip of the mag catch and file to fit to raise the back of the mag.