Eskimo Joe
November 17, 2017, 12:10
Hey guys:
long time no talk. I finished an IZZY build and she shoots 6 inches low at 100 yards with a number 3 front sight dialed all the way down and bottomed out, and the rear dialed to 400 meters! I figure the front sight is way to tall. So. my question. I can get a zero, -1, -2 or -3. I found a place to get them. Figure the positives are to tall.

there is a POI formula but it does not help me since I dont know the size differences of these IZZY posts. Which post do you think or would you know the lengths of these different posts. Thanks for the help getting her zeroed.:bow:

November 17, 2017, 16:37
The Israeli front post sights were designated by FN as "Model B" sights. These are correct for early Model A gas blocks with high line of sight. Do you have a tall Israeli rear sight installed?
Stevens' "The Fabled FAL" book lists Model B sight heights (from bottom of round base plate to top of post) as:
Number Height (mm)
0 ....... 8.17
1 ....... 8.65
2 ....... 9.17
3 ....... 9.67
4 ....... 10.17
5 ....... 10.67
6 ....... 11.17
7 ....... 11.67
Gunplumber says a -3 is 6.67mm and -2 is 7.17mm, so I assume -1 is 7.67mm.
Hope this helps!