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June 20, 2002, 18:30
I've got some ideas for one of my receivers but need to know what makes a Para a Para besides the folding stock.
Is it necassary to use a Para lower or will a standard lower work just fine?
Am I correct in assuming that all I really need to make it operate is the cover and carrier assy? So in effect, I could use a standard buttstock and lower w/o recoil spring if I use a Para cover and carrier. Does this sound right?
Would scope mounts from Tapco or others work with Para carriers or am I stuck with the original?
And last but not least. Where can I get these parts with out buying the whole kit? Thanks, Sydwaiz

June 20, 2002, 18:48
You can convert a standard lower to a para but you need to remove the stock tang on the bottom. Also depending on which para dust cover you use you might have to mill a slot in the face of the recoil plate. The covers from DSA won't require the cut on the recoil plate. You can use para dust covers from DSA, ARMS or the orginal Belgian style covers.
The para dust cover has the recoil spring guide built in to it so the Tapco wouldn't work unless you made some sort of guide to mount inside it.
The only para scope covers are from ARMS or possibly one of the orginal Belgian scope/ dust cover but I think those are pretty rare.
You can use a standard buttstock with the para carrier and cover. I did it a few times while trying out some new ideas.
hth chuck

Para Driver
June 20, 2002, 21:41
there would be no purpose to use a standard buttstock, with para internals. that would just cost more, and gain nothing...

top cover
bolt carrier
recoil springs
charging handle
break down lever
knuckle and buttstock, and screw
18" barrel
rear sights
and lower receiver has to be modified as previously described

June 20, 2002, 23:47
Originally posted by Para Driver
there would be no purpose to use a standard buttstock, with para internals. that would just cost more, and gain nothing...

I won't be using a standard buttstock. Like I said, I have some ideas and just need to know what internals I need to get it to work with a standard lower. Who has the parts for sale? Thanks.

Para Driver
June 21, 2002, 07:57
therein lies the rub... lots of guys are trying to convert pre-ban rifles to para configuration..
a few kits are coming in, supposedly more in July.
Sarco supposedly has them, and I guess Penguin is supposed to be getting some too.. One guy on this board is supposedly trying to mfg the bolt carriers, and if he hasn't gotten too disgusted, that may happen soon..

a full parts kit is probably the way to go...
maybe $500 or thereabouts..

June 21, 2002, 10:39
Thanks. Since I'm not trying to convert a preban but instead make a hybrid postban, $500 is a little steep for my budget. I won't say exactly what Im doing because I want to be the first! Hopefully the guy making the carriers will come through soon.
Do you think it would be possible to modify a standard carrier to work without the rat-tail and recoil tube? I may have to take a look at that. Is there anywhere that has good pics or diagrams of a Para to show the differences? Thanks again.