View Full Version : Input needed- Have what appears to be an IZZY,Indian,Early Argie sight in std GB??

November 13, 2017, 02:25
Hey guys, I pulled out a Metric Mutt I have had for a number of years and have now rekindled this quandry--

The Mutt consists basically of the following.... and btw runs fine last time i shot it..bought it this way..

Coonan Receiver
STG Lower
SA/RA Barrel with std Gas Block
Metric BCG-turns out electro scratched with RA #s
Metric furniture w/BPC HG- Painted a brown color by me to be different.
Has an INCH gas plug(?!) BUT runs FINE!(?!)-was a surprise to me.

And here is the issue-- It has what appears to be an IZZY/Indian or Early Argie Front Sight post-- triangular with the square base on the round plate.. Now,since it is in the safe and its late and I do not want to dig now- it does NOT have the serrations on the SIDE of the round base plate like the IZZY. Looks to be smooth and I believe has serrations on the bottom like a std metric sight(will confirm tomorrow night). I seem to remember the indian kit I had did not have side serrations either and I have never had an early Argie...

SOOOO long story short.. can anyone confirm what I may have installed and if the std sight post assy and this one fit in the std gas block ,or am I looking at something having been modified? Gas block looks COMPLETELY original like all my other metrics.

I want to swap out the lower with a SA/RA lower I have, change out the Inch Gas Plug for more appropriate Metric one and change the front sight bits out to std metric sight assy. You know, get the mutt a bit less 'mutty' and closer to a SA/RA Mutt build since the BCG and barrel already are....and almost all RA/SA builds are mutts.:whistling::)

Thanks for bearing with me with this post....:whiskey::whiskey:

November 13, 2017, 18:23
I have a front sight similar to the one you described: conical post, square base and round plate with NO serrations (neither around the edge nor on the bottom). It has no dots or holes in the base plate; it's only marked with a numeral "2". I got it from Palm Beach Parts back in the day. It was described as an "early 1st pattern Israeli" ( also identified as Model A).

The Model A sight and Model C (commonly seen metric) sight have the same diameter base plate (I measured 0.5050" dia.) and thread pitch. The Model A was made for the high line-of-sight, open ear gas block; but should mechanically fit in a standard closed ear GB. However the fixing plates would not be interchangeable and the sight height would be an issue.

November 14, 2017, 12:07
Thanks for the info!:whiskey:

November 14, 2017, 14:02
Yes, they both fit the metric gasblocks.

As for you gas plug, I would bet it is a squared-off (late model) IMBEL and not a Inch plug.

November 14, 2017, 14:34
Type A had no serrations
Type B has serrations and is what we recognize as standard Izzy/Argy
Type C1 small holes, 20 serrations
Type C2 large holes, 20 serrations
Type C3 large holes, 16 serrations

November 16, 2017, 23:30
I thank all of you guys for the help. As for the gas plug it is definitely the inch rounded edges style with the big slot right on the flat front face.

Now I need to count the serrations to see what exactly it is and post it up for sale or trade towards a std metric sight..say a 2hole/#2 in height.

I swapped out the stg lower for a Rhodie one I got from gunplumber- thank you and I STILL NEED TO DO A BUNCH OF FEEDBACK FOR YOU..

Turns out the rifle also has a Ra carrier...so now it has a rhodie lower,barrel and carrier...not bad:)

I had to transfer all the internals over from the stg lower since I'm short at least 2 complete lower internals parts kits... I have a request out to LFN to see if he can scrounge a couple complete parts kits... If anyone has enough spares to cobble up a couple let me know please..dont care on appearance,need to be functional and if possible,the fcg be all of the same maker..had bad experience mixing imbel and belgian/g1/stg... Non of the euro parts liked working with imbel bits in the fcg area...

November 18, 2017, 23:24
Well I took off the front sight and it IS apparently an Izzy or type 2. It has a '3' stamped unto the top and compared it with an extra Izzy front sight I have that is stamped '2'. The '3' is definitely taller than the 2. Now, I saw the Izzy sight height thread and now have to measure them both to see if they are + or - sizes because they seem to have some mark in front of the numbers but they don't look like (-) symbols.

I will be listing them up in the mp tomorrow or Monday. I don't have a new pic hosting service yet but may try my google photo storage. I can email or text pics otherwise.