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November 10, 2017, 10:00
Sometimes I hate starting new threads when discussing a related subject but seems like the thread cops get their panties in a wad if ask a 458 SOCOM question in a 450 Bushmaster or other big bore AR cartidge thread so here is a junk thread to discuss anything from the price of Tea in China to AR's in pieces, parts or whole.

Mentioned my mom had come by work and decided to help me when doing some organizing. My gun assembly room had gotten way too confusing with AR 15, AR 10, FAL and 1911 builds. Decided to split AR's to another room but was piling all parts on a table in groups to put in another after decided which office was going to become the AR 15 and AR 10 assembly room. Meanwhile table in ham radio room was causing access issues to radios and she had seen me squeezing around to pick up random contacts as heard a CQ of imterest. I was working in back of shop area and she took all the parts, shoved them randomly in small boxes then put all the barrels and small boxes in two big box she had sat in each of my wheelbarrows. Yesterday I had to unpack the box and organize both boxes and was stunned at what Mom was able to shove in two wheelbarrows.

Part of one box segregated on table saw.


She put medium size parts in one batch.


Small parts in another "batch".


Thank the Lord too many of the roll pins didn't get loose.


At least she didn't dump the bins into the random boxes but just threw in one of her big boxes.



Had to segregate everything but at least started getting an inventory on stuff like trggers. At least she didn't get in the office safes where have one full of lowers, one of uppers, another with triggers, bolt carrier groups and scopes. Here are some triggers now in correct safe.



OEM handguards were everywhere including a bunch of old SP1 stuff that came to the house.


Free floats and Magpul stuff all went in one location with other big stuff which has keyed lock and padlock.



Most of these lowers had to go to home as no more room in the office safes and have another box in shipment.


These BCG's and bolts did fit in an office safe but suffice to say it's going to probably get hard to find storage after Black Friday and post Christmas sales hit.


Had more uppers than would fit in safe so had to go into steel locker.


Most barrels and a couple of uncompleted uppers had to go in steel locker as well. At least between inventorying all of this and what was in safes can build 19 rifles without buying a single part except a few scopes.


Took pictures of everything from triggers in groups, BUIS sights, charging handles plus updated my written list. Now I will know what to concentrate most on as the pre holiday and post Christmas sales start rolling. Won't bore everyone with a hundred pictures of small parts we have all seen but now I know why have run out of vault space again. Tomorrow I attack the FAL parts. Today having to take a break from guns and take care of wife.

Oh, and if anyone wants to answer my 458 SOCOM question maybe the thread drift cops won't flash their badge in this thread. Lesson learned, mothers with OCD and like things to look neat should be locked out of the gun parts rooms.

November 10, 2017, 11:36
Wow dude, you need to relax. The thread regarding the 450 Bushmaster for hunting purposes was relatively specific, and there was constructive before getting sidetracked and/or "drowned out."

If you want to start a conversation about 458SOCOM, simply start a new thread. It is an interesting topic it's own. Simple, no?

They said, what is the point of this thread? "Look at all my stuff?" Is this some kind of pecker measuring contest, there are collectors and gunsmiths here that collections that are extremely impressive. Your shared knowledge speaks for itself, no need for pecker measuring contests.

November 10, 2017, 17:57
As an FYI I ordered another batch of the "3 for $99" Mag Tactical magnesium billet lowers a week or so ago and LGS owner ordered a bunch to use as one of our Black Friday items. Was Checling Centerfire Systems webstore for any new deals yesterday and noticed the "3 for $99" deal is no longer advertised and selling singles at $39 only. Emailed my "guy" and due to number have purchased personally and number have bought for store they let me get one last six pack at $33 each. They started with 10,000 of them and now down under 1,000 so they won't be there much longer like the $7.99 metric FAL magazines. Glad I stacked those deep while they had them and got last couple orders in.

LGS has done good with them. Before Mag Tactical folded and Fostech purchased them I bought as many as 60 at a time. (Had in-house hook up) The 60 count order were all FDE blems. We went through and picked out 30 that looked perfect to us, could not find any noticeable issues with finish. Split those off for LGS and they retailed them for $75. I called Mag every Thursday and bought all that weeks blems for $20 each. Came to LGS, sold owner up to half of all that came at my price which was less than distributor wholesale at the time. In return got all my transfers free and they made good bank and I put back lots of lowers and uppers plus built a lot of rifles. Now with Fostech owning and promoting first batch which believe were Mag made and came with equipment from bankruptcy court sale. Centerfire selling for $33 was still a bargain and got a special deal for shop bought so many for Black Friday.

If want any of the billet magnesium lowers may be able to talk them into a three for $99 order but even at $39 won't be there much longer so consider yourself warned. Picked up my recent order today and today's order will be here next week giving me somewhere between around four dozen lowers without digging for the inevitable six pack boxes had sat on shelves and hId in backs of safes. Piling at work and house based on where went after picking up, sittimg in odd places will be like AR 15 magazines, always another box to find somewhere never expected for years. Know there are zombie green, pink and neon yellow blems purposely hid from myself so wojld not be tempted to refinish until ran out of the black, FDE and O.D. green. Assume with all the events of late might find myself a person of interest for about five minutes then anyone watching will fall asleep from boredom. Of course the BATFE auditors were in LGS when one box came in and they thought they were cool because so light and inexpensive. They were very nice and joked about how many serials would be on some of my 4473's.

Even at $39 for super light billet lowers they are a bargain as original retail was $249 then droped to $169 and followed the market and bankruptcy into cheap aluminum prices. Weight is 5.875 ounces and uppers were 4.8 ounces but not seen one of those for sale in years. Still have two waiting for some lightweight project. Less than 11 ounces for a receiver group is light, many claimed were fragile but rifles I carry out door almost every day for years and live in trucks for years are built on them and have never broken one but do not try mortaring stuck cases as don't have stuck cases. Most have seen broken were destroyed by someone taking a tactical class and were practicing mortaring cases repeatedly or using for some abusiveness would not do to my rifles. Hoping to find fair deal on some more uppers some day.

November 10, 2017, 18:52
You only build variations of M4orgery's ????.

November 10, 2017, 19:23
Here is a a KATU news story on Huey:

https://www.facebook.com/katunews/videos/10155211360786448/?hc_ref=ARSxcvH5jNox3X3QLGras02EgzxBmUB7ogkM3FfItZ cqev0wGJTAnK5gNbeif-MVn2A&pnref=story

You'll need a Facebook account to view it I think. Sorry.

Tuscan Raider
November 10, 2017, 19:40
That's a gun shop.

November 10, 2017, 19:43
That's a gun shop.

And a failed attempt at humor on my part, apparently. :facepalm:

Tuscan Raider
November 10, 2017, 19:58
And a failed attempt at humor on my part, apparently. :facepalm:

Not your post. OP's

November 10, 2017, 20:34
At the risk of meandering another thread...
Is that a unifence?

November 11, 2017, 00:25
Bloody hell, you've too much money and not enough time. I'm rather jealous right now.

November 11, 2017, 03:16
Wow dude, you need to relax. The thread regarding the 450 Bushmaster for hunting purposes was relatively specific, and there was constructive before getting sidetracked and/or "drowned out."

If you want to start a conversation about 458SOCOM, simply start a new thread. It is an interesting topic it's own. Simple, no?

They said, what is the point of this thread? "Look at all my stuff?" Is this some kind of pecker measuring contest, there are collectors and gunsmiths here that collections that are extremely impressive. Your shared knowledge speaks for itself, no need for pecker measuring contests.

It was an AR threadcop peckerhead catch n release tournament. You're the current record.

Please live up to your site name. At Ieast via keyboard.

November 11, 2017, 08:08
I've never seen a more robust wall of text anywhere....tapatalk?

November 11, 2017, 09:53
I've never seen a more robust wall of text anywhere....tapatalk?

He's got a bump-fire keyboard.

November 11, 2017, 10:43
He's got a bump-fire keyboard.

Those need to be banned NOW! Someone think of the children!

November 11, 2017, 10:49
It was an AR threadcop peckerhead catch n release tournament. You're the current record.

Please live up to your site name. At Ieast via keyboard.

That was far from my intention. Regsrding the initial thread where I suggested that the topic stay on point, my comment was not disrespectful or irrational..... a rational person would not construe it as someone acting "like a cop."

But, thanx for compliment.

I do find it hypocritical (and somewhat amusing) that you would insult and dictate the forum comments of another party, while hiding behind a keyboard. That is funny shit. Hooh-ray…. internet.

November 11, 2017, 14:02
How many times have I asked myself...I know I bought one, but where the hell did I put it?

I know...the house/garage ate it!

Out of sight out of mind.

Good Stuff Huey!

PS. If all I can complain about is reading a large block of text, I got it way too good!

Robust describes it to a tee!



November 11, 2017, 22:19
Huey is da man!!!

November 11, 2017, 23:58
My biggest issue with having too many boxes of parts, is they always cost me more money in the long run when I get bored, and end up spending money on anouther bloody build. You know, I'm beginning to think I'm in need of a intervention. Or a winning lotto ticket. Either would likely be easier on my wallet.
Mr Huey. I commend your mums' ability to pack, and yours to unpack and organize.

November 12, 2017, 10:02
I have a rule in my shop- if it's bigger than a bread box, and I know I have one, but can't find it, it's time to clean.

November 12, 2017, 10:04
You only build variations of M4orgery's ????.

No as mentioned in other threads had a single office used for gun assembly at work. Was building AR 15's, AR 10's, FN FAL/L1a1's and 1911's in same room and as each parts group has grown it turned into a cluster. Reason all AR parts were getting piled on a shop table as once got them all out of the single gun assembly room plan is to convert another office to AR assembly so not quote the jumble of mixed gun parts all in same room. Before able to get the office drained of work stuff and converted to AR builds Mom randomly dumped all parts into two huge boxes to clear a work table thinking was helping. Why have them all spread out to segregate and put up in new room for AR work.

Do all of my 10/22 final assembly of custom builds on dedicated work bench in my gun room. Have now put another work bench in gun room and will be moving 1911 builds to home. Do have to mule parts between house and work if need to do machine work but will now have three separate rooms for building guns with 10/22 and 1911 at least having separate work benches. Do so little AK/SKS work or M1 work can push something to side when it comes up. Then add in a fourth room dedicated to reloading and have over 750 square feet of floor space to gun building and reloading. That's more room than some small houses and lucky to have a wife that tolerates prolific building but doubles in tools so have hammer and sear jig at work and home, etc.

At the risk of meandering another thread...
Is that a unifence?

Yes, Delta Unifence on Delta saw with 4'8' out feed table. Gives me the ability to rip 4'8' sheets into smaller giblets by myself without binding. As to thread drift, this is the no thread cop thread. Price of Tea in China or whatever. Roll it in here and OP doesn't care which way the wind blows or if tide is coming in or going out.

Good on you for recognizing the commercial Delta table saw. Lots of folks like Beismier fences on them but have to replace the polymer strip as wears and can't safely rip short sections of thin sheets. With the Unifence just rotate 90 and can work so close to the blade with 1/4" and thinner sheets that it scares people. Today may be the day but have yet to cut any fingers off working close to triple offset carbide blade. My radial arm saw is a beast from the 1950's. Purchased a new radial arm in mid 1980's and in five years had so much slop two rebuilds didn't help enough so scrapped it before someone died and went back to the 50's vintage Dewalt.

Have complete wood working shop, metal fab shop for sheet metal and steel, paint shop and machine shop plus large format print and screen print shop. Running stick, MIG, TIG welders with table saws, radial arm saws and over two dozen other wood working tools including planers and shapers then paint work, CNC large format router plus machining in same building is a trick that can go south at any time.

November 12, 2017, 16:35
Lol... and I thought I had a lot of parts to keep track of !!!

Good Luck on keeping a handle on it ! Lol ;)

November 12, 2017, 17:03
Today attacked the ham radio shack at work. Since it's an ARRL Official Emergency Station and do lots of FEMA, FEMA drills and event mitigation shifts has a sofa so one operator can nap while other man's radios or single operator can rest between calls. Can set up cot in other office with nice air mattress, pillow and quiet. Past few months been throwing all the armor and accessories that come in on sofa and ignoring. Today segregated and boxed based on type and size plus added plates to some, swapped in lighter plates others and put trauma plates in covert armor. Separated by New In Box, military issue rifle rated, covert handgun rated, spare panels, female vests, big bag of new carriers, accessories and such. This is how it stacked on a work table. There were 15 men's covert level 2 and 3a vests plus with the big white bag of new carriers and spare panels should complete another half dozen.


Military issue all new or like new in desert, woodland, coyote, multicaliber and black.



Between pile on sofa and shelf in gun room and front office eleven scopes, seven more billet magnesium lowers and another box of random AR parts were set free and now in steel locker of office safes so under lock and key at least.


The find of the day was this 600 page book with all of Nikolai Tesla's patents in full, lecture notes and transcripts plus every published article he wrote. Forgot I bought this but it's going home and may not sleep tonight as likely some key information I need for my plan to take over the world.


November 12, 2017, 19:16
Well, when your conquest is complete, do please remember those of us who're on your good side.

November 13, 2017, 05:53
Well, when your conquest is complete, do please remember those of us who're on your good side.

When my conquest is complete will be free original FAL's and L1a1's (oops, some C1a1 for Cannucks) for all files members. Not kit rifles but the real deal even if I have to go to Europe and Africa and confiscate them all. Everyone's kids will get an AR 15 like most give their kids a toy tool set. By elementary school I was running saws and welders helping dad, what happened to kids doing real work?

After cleaning majority of AR parts out of what will now be FAL/L1a1 room at work, piles of stuff on sofa and unopened boxes in ham radio room (box with two White Oak Armament 5.56 Wylde barrels w mobile antennas, weird), front office and small office that is to become AR 15 and AR 10 assembly room then counting boxes in safes at home have what seems to be a hard count on loose lowers in standard colors. This does not include those that are partially assembled, just Mag Tactical magnesium black/FDE/O.D. Green in original packaging. 33 at work, 12 at house and another 6 in shipment for total of 51. Have only 7 aluminum all mix of Palmetto, Anderson and Aero. Made order this morning for another half dozen Aero aluminum in FDE which is a grand total of 64 AR 15 lowers found and locked up or in shipment. About half that in uppers plus two AR 10 lowers and three uppers in OEM packaging.

As an aside found three DSA inch and one DSA metric upper plus an Enterprise inch and pair of Century inch uppers. Has to be more boxes of Mag Tactical magnesium lowers turn up as last eight to ten weeks before they bankrupted was buying all their blems at $20 each but had to take the pink, zombie green and neon yellow along with FDE and black. How do you pass buying billet lowers for $20 each? Hid them well as not found them yet. Figured when totally bored was going to Cerakote them all in O.D. Green and purchased a half liter or pint of the O.D. Green just for those and whatever uppers get assigned to them. Then the company that bought a huge amount of their inventory before the bankruptcy bled them dry of black/FDE/O.D. Green at $35 each and pink/zombie/yellow at $27. I be darned if remember where put them all as not in my count and found none. Probably be in the refrigerator of dark room where used to process all my film positives before able to print on digital printers, room with all HVAC equipment or room with all plumbing/electrical parts.

Mom helped me again yesterday after church as my wife's biggest fear now is me kicking over dead and not knowing where everything is or even what might find goes to. Stunning the stuff am finding like over 200 Anderson Hardline connectors in sizes from 3/8" to 2.5". A ham radio person knows a pair of 2" or bigger heliax connectors cost what a base model AR does now. Finding tools, meters and stuff would normally only find in a research lab at a university. Found several boxed tool sets with panels and all instructions in German. One looks to be for splicing fiber-optic or something other sensitive "wiring". Finding things like vibration meters and even a torque wrench calibration meter/tool to verify inch/pound torque wrenches are in specification. Mainly used in industrial plants where have torque wrenches that come factory set for one value only and can only be tweaked, torque value not really changed.

Like Mom said, it's three generations of hording industrial equipment and tools for personal hobbies. She got plain flustered when opened a cabinet to find it full of marine radar radomes, control boxes and displays plus assortments of wave guides and cables. She asked me what in the world I had over half dozen marine radar units for? Took her to radio room and fired up the one we hacked into ground to air and showed her the airplanes flying around town and local airport which is five miles away line of sight. Then fired up the marine unit had minor hacks to use as ground unit to track traffic around shop and people within 500 yards but not really start getting solid till get inside of 100 yards due to ground clutter from buildings and trees. Really perks up once someone is inside shop fence as radome installed for minimum shadowing by ground clutter on property. And yes, I am licensed to own, operate, calibrate and repair marine and aircraft radar. Not trying my neighbors anymore than going fishing on any salt water fishing boat.

But throw in robotic stuff, seismic and such Mom gave me a verbal spanking saying unfair to wife to leave her with all that crap. Even worse is seven basket case Harley-Davison motorcycles, room full of motorcycle parts and still have a truck load of tractor parts even though sold all my tractors. Have NIB Edelbrock aluminum intakes for various engines, two late 1950's Hemis and three NOS 727 Chrysler transmissions plus three two speed transmissions for drag racing with Hemi motors and the list rocks on. When she realized for every radio on ham shack bench there was a backup in Faraday box she got this look like wanted to administer some corporal punishment.

November 14, 2017, 22:31
Three more arrived today.


Purchased three on Monday following Vegas event, two soon as reviews said the Gen 3 units were good to go for total eight Franklin Gen 3 Binaries now. My Gen 2 runs fine and the Gen 1 is o.k. if don't shoot it too fast. The first generation Echos in wife's AR's with the light springs they don't install anymore wI'll run fast as well. Now to hunt down a couple of Palmetto AR 10's in their Black Friday through after Christmas sales and do up a pair of binary AR 10's in 308 and keep piling up high capacity mags for them. Will have four 5.56, three 6.8, one 22 Nosler and two 7.6251 binary rifles.

My supplier let me have these at wholesale again but likely the last I get at that price. Wife can rock pretty fast with her first generation Echos with the super light springs so until the H&K binary trigger packs ship I am done with the fast triggers. Put a Gen 3 in a M&P 15 earlier this week and except for a Vortex Viper 1-6x it's bone stock and runs perfect with the Franklin. Used the light trigger springs and light buffer spring they include. Can shoot it faster than my Ruger AC 556 with real accuracy as the Ruger likes to climb on me.

November 21, 2017, 18:41
While looking for 458 SOCOM barrels found a 375 SOCOM barrel at good deal. Looks very interesting as still hits hard but shoots a little flatter. Anyone have any experience as have to start with 458 brass and neck down to 375 so no price savings.

November 22, 2017, 17:05
Just picked these up before Black Friday, Saturday and Cyber Monday make gun shop a total loony bin. I must be loony buying another six pack of billet lowers but these are the last of the three for $99 deal so got them and enough other giblets for free shipping. As a part time employee there is no transfer fee and since purchased two more 6.8 barrels yesterday (deal on 13.7" and 18" Noveske with Switchblock), one ARP 20" 3R 6.8 barrel today along with relative sureness will be some Black Friday through End of Year barrel deals may as well stack the lowers deep, wide and high. Need uppers and free float handguards to make 2018 another big building year.


December 31, 2017, 10:03
I dislike starting new threads on subjects covered multiple times and since the thread drift cops busted me for talking about 458 SOCOM in the 450 Bushmaster thread guess will keep the concept and other ideas flowing here. Have been full on the 458 SOCOM bandwagon as a dedicated subsonic rifle that would slay anything it hit within reason for a month or so and shopping parts seriously.

In researching I tripped across the .400 AR. It's a tapered case based on the 7.35x51mm Carcano so doesn't have the issues a straight wall case does feeding and extracting. It will also stack in an AR 15 magazine in staggered manner allowing a fairly higher round count than 458 SOCOM. If want to go supersonic will push a 135 grain 10mm bullet at over 3,000 fps. But where it shines in my opinion is launching 350 to 375 grain bullets in subsonic range. A 10mm projectile at almost 400 grains is going to have significant thump. Anyone in here have any experience with the .400 AR?

December 31, 2017, 18:05
In researching I tripped across the .400 AR. It's a tapered case based on the 7.35x51mm Carcano so doesn't have the issues a straight wall case does feeding and extracting.

The 7,35 carcano and the 7,62x39 have near identical case base dimensions. Back in the early and mid 80's there was a company making 7,62x39 blanks from midway overproduction of 7,35 carcano brass. Rose petal crimps and all. And it worked rather well. Cutting off the rim of a 30/40 krag case and gently filing to fit in the AK muzzle device then screwing it back on , the primer flash hole was all that was needed to cycle reliably.

January 01, 2018, 06:22
When I was in ROTC we would always go use M16's at local Army Reserve base for training and we had plenty of blanks but no blank adapters. Our regular Army Sergeant would always recruit me to show up a way early on weekends we had access to Armory along with the Reserve armorer. We would single fire 5.56 blanks the hack saw them off at the web, punch out primer the unscrew flash hiders, place the case head between muzzle and flash hider and thread flash hiders back in snug then wrap a couple turns of red electrical tape around end of bareel to remind all had a barrel obstruction and for blanks only.

We did this about six times a year and always wondered if in the mele at end of the weekend one ever went back on rack without case head being removed. Second time we did this as we removed case heads and reinstalled the flash hiders I put our homebrew blank adapters in a bag for subsequent trips as hacksawing a few dozen blanks off was work.

Only time we got real blank adapters was our annual joint training with UGA and all other North Georgia universities with ROTC programs except North Georgia College which was a military college, they steered clear of us civilian schools. It was also the only time we got M60's with belts of blanks and every year we were transported from campus to training area in "People Pods" on Sky Crane helicopters. I always managed to sit in crew compartment with our Sergeant as knew what that red lever next to each pilots seat did. Dump the load in case chopper was in trouble. Idea of falling from sky in metal box rather than auto rotating with the main aircraft did not seem smart.

Availability and cost of Carcano brass is something am looking into on the idea of a .400 AR build. Midway has it at 63 cents per case and very little modification to case is needed along with minor mods to magazines. Found a guy with 500 once fired boxer primed cases for 20 cents each in another discussion forum and have them in house just in case. 500 cases at surplus 5.56 case cost is attractive. Keeping my eyes peeled for more and guy bought first lot from says he gets several hundred per year from range he farms his brass at.

Trying to figure out the most cost efficient heavy thumper for a dedicated subsonic rifle. While the 458 SOCOM has all the cool factor of being designed to bust skinnies in Somolia, if the .400 AR can run 350/375 grain 10mm bullets and cheap cast pistol bullets it may be the better choice especially when consider the higher round capacity per magazine. It uses a standard unmodified 7.6239 AR bolt which makes the build a lot easier, just have to spin up and chamber a 40 caliber barrel.

I just want a combination of most cost efficient heavy bullet subsonic thumper with reasonable case capacity. Fact that 458 SOCOM only carries nine rounds in a magazine has me a bit hesitant. Understand there are some guys working with 7.6239 brass necked up to 41 and 411 caliber so have the full gambit of 41 mag projectiles to work with or 411 rifle bullets and very common brass. It is supposidly a very close approximation of the 400 AR. Hornady makes a nice 300 grain 0.411 rifle bullet that would be nice in a thumper as would the Barnes 0.411 TTX Triple Shock along with heavier cast bullets.

the most muzzle energy of all double-stack AR-15 cartridges