View Full Version : It's 10:45, do you know where your headspace is?

June 20, 2002, 12:00
Can I get an opinion on where a hand tightened barrel should time. I see 10:00, then 10:30, then 10:30-11:00, etc..

My current project hand tightens to what I believe is around 10:45. I was thinking that was good, and proper torque should be achieved at 12:00, or so. I haven't done it yet, but just want to get an experienced opinion. Will it time to 12 with too little torque if it hand tighens to 10:45?

June 20, 2002, 12:35
10:45 should give you 100 - 150 ft. lbs. torque. This is fine. Make sure you have a decent vise and a receiver wrench to secure the parts during installation.

If you have to use a less-secure method of holding the barrel and the receiver, you should releive the shoulder a bit, and settle for less torque. If you end up with less than 50 ft. lbs. torque to secure the barrel, you should consider using a threadlocker. Othewise, just use a good grease on the threads.

June 20, 2002, 16:01
Ditto ;)

June 20, 2002, 19:00
According to the FN OREA manual, 18 degrees btdc is needed for the correct pressure lockup.