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November 04, 2017, 19:10
Hi guys,
Yep I read up all I could find on the gas settings on our rifles.

I have a Imbel Metric receiver with a Aussie Inch kit on it. Love the rifle so far, took me too blown out magazines to figure out it hates steel cased ammo.

No problems at all with any brass cased ammo.

So my question is this. Is it normal or ok for the rifle to cycle without issues even with the gas hole opened all the way? I thought it would be in single shot mode with the gas hole maxed out.

It cycled perfectly and flung the brass into the next timezone.

I was using Winchester X 150gr SP ammo, simply cause it was cheapest at wally worlds my last visit. I used up my stash of Perfecta 308 which it performed awesome with as well though I did have a case head separation once with the Perfecta.

Anyway that's my question to you pros, Is it ok to still cycle with max gas bleed off or is there an underlying problem or something I am missing? I am a FAL newb.

November 04, 2017, 19:40
Yes, it is OK, not exactly normal, but if it is " flinging brass into the next county", then the rifle is beating itself and you needlessly. About six to eight feet at 2:00 is about ideal.

Know who built the rifle? Possibility they opened the Gas Port a bit too much. Another thing to check is the Recoil Springs. They may be broken, weak or one of them missing.

May be a fluke with the ammo, but I would advise checking the rifle's headspace.

You DO have a Buttstock tool, right? :)