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June 20, 2002, 00:23
Hi all,
I have recently acquired some inch pattern magazines that are in pretty sad shape and would like to spruce em up a bit. Mechanically, they are sound and now properly clean..my problem is I dont have a sandblaster or the equipment to parkerize them. Can someone suggest a proven finish and the method of applying the finish?

I assume that I can use steel or brass wool to get them down to bare metal on the exterior but I'm not sure how well I can get at the interiors.....or what actual product to use. I gather from similar topics that alumahide would not be a good choice.....Any ideas?



June 20, 2002, 00:37
I use Rustoleum High Temp Patio Grill Paint. Depending on type of finnish on rifle- the flat black cures to a gray and the semi-gloss cures black. Don't know why.
Anyway use some double ought or triple ought steel wool to roughen the old finnish and remove rust. Remove all debree and clean with paper towel but mindfull of any grit. Then take the mag bodies and place them in your oven at 300 degrees for about half an hour. Then just simply spray down the mag bodies but be carefull of runs. The runs will peal and chip. Then place back into the oven for about an hour. Let them cure in a dry place for about another hour or two. If you do get runs a hair dryer is good to use to dry the paint if it looks like it is going to run before you place in the oven. Do a couple coats baking in between and polishing with the steel wool until they look about right. The oven makes the paint pretty hard and scratch resistant.
While waiting for them to dry you can also do the floorplates- but leave the followers alone. Springs can be shined up with steel wool and coated nicely with engine oil then wiped down and replaced.

June 20, 2002, 18:53
Thanks FMJ
I am going to try this out (using the backyard BBQ) but I'm concerned about buildup as these mags fit so tight there is absolutely no slop and thats on the worn bare metal. I just posted a link to a product .....oh WTH I'll put it here too :)


Anyway I wonder if this product will do the trick....

Thanks again for the tip.

June 21, 2002, 02:57
You're obviously trying to go the easy/cheap
route. If you don't have a buffer w/wire wheel, then get a wire wheel to fit your electric drill(under $5 at any "home" store). Strip them, giving the surface some "tooth", with the wire wheel.

Or, you can just give them a good dip in diluted muriatic acid(in the paint dept. & in swimming pool chemicals). Buy a gal. for about $10. Wear good rubber gloves, use a plastic or glass container from the dollar store, and stay up-wind!! Fish em out with a dowel, or plastic tongs, then rinse & oven dry. Don't pour it down the drain, as it reacts with ANY metal. Don't bother to do the follower, and definitely NOT the spring.

As they are already a tight fit I think that cold blueing is the only finish to use. I'd use Brownell's "Oxy" cold blue. This stuff is foolproof, as it'll even blue a surface that wasn't degreased properly. Buff with 0000 steel wool in between applications to get a deep, uniform blue. A clean old t-shirt, or cotton balls, work best applying the cold blue. Oil after you're satisfied with the blueing.

June 21, 2002, 04:49
I used Dupli-Color 1200 degree black paint w/ceramic. It All you need to do is rough up the surface, degrease, paint and bake. The instructions are on the can but they say" 400 degrees for an hour & 1/2. Heres how they turn out. This is a before & after shot.


You can get Dupli-Color paint at O'Reily's Auto parts for $5 or $6 dollars. It's last a long time also.


June 21, 2002, 12:45
Thanks for the feedback, guys. Because we have pet parrots that are extremely sensitive to chemical fumes (they are like our children), I try to never introduce chemical fumes in the house as it only takes a very small whiff of many things to actually kill them.

I am researching the Oxpho cold blue and hope this will work well.

best regards,

Vulcan out

PS ... Aifwikir, nice finish!, does it hold up well to abrasion?

June 21, 2002, 17:38
It's absolutely the toughest paint I've tried on Inch Mags. Here's the same mag 6 months later and used a quite a few times.


June 21, 2002, 19:19

I'm trying your method!

hehehe..........I just picked up my new Imbel rifle just 10 minutes ago...........I'll have a shit eatin grin plastered on my face for days!

June 21, 2002, 19:32

I contacted Brownells about their cold blue and this is the response I got back..................

Do you think they want me spend more money or are they tellin it straight?..........................

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We certainly do appreciate your interest in Brownells.

We would really have a hard time recommending that you use a cold blue to refinish your FAL magazines. Cold blues are all inferior to any properly applied hot caustic blue or Parkerizing. We would expect you to wind up with a blotchy appearance and little consistency. Alternatives would include a spray-on/bake-on product, but inasmuch as you are experiencing a tight fit of the mags, Parkerizing may be a better choice. Although there is a greater investment in equipment, the effort expended would be no more and the results more predictable.

Best regards,

John W. Treakle
Technical Services


Brownells, Inc.
200 South Front Street
Montezuma, IA 50171

Telephone 641-623-5401 ext: 5454
Fax: 641-623-3896


I am intrested in using your Oxpho cold blue to put a new finish on
approximately 25 (20 round) FN FAL surplus magazines.

I intend to take them down to bare metal and thouroughly degrease them
prior to treatment.

I was unable to glean the information from your FAQ's so if you would please, could you answer the following questions;

1. How dark will the finish be? (I would like them as dark as possible)
2. As these mag's fit tight in the receiver, can I get a dark finish
without a thick buildup?
3. Can they be finished with a matte appearance?
4. Considering the project size and possible need for multiple
applications, how much product would be needed to complete the project?
5. Which (gel or liquid) product would you reccomend?

Thank you for taking the time to help me out here :)

best regards,

Brad Gillispie

June 22, 2002, 00:43
I've used the BBQ paint on one of my mags so far and the results have been good. However, I only had one coat and I have not baked it yet. I wanted to see what the finish was going to be first.

I'd toyed with the idea of AlumahydeII but while the finish is nice when it cures, it is too thick to work on some areas like floorplate in my opinion.