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October 30, 2017, 22:19
Although this will take me a couple/few posts, I'm not going to go into my usual detail in this write-up because, if you are looking at this, you already know a bit about the 550 series of rifles so I don't need to explain every little mark, feature and design element.
The 751 is essentially a 551 upsized to 7.62x51 (.308). JDI Firearms out of Frisco Texas recently imported 100 of these from Switzerland as "pistols" and, as of this writing, some are still available. Typical of true Swiss built rifles, Quality is on par with a Rolex and every part and detail is made as if it were designed to last until the sun begins to die (that's around 5 Billion years from now in case you didn't know). SAN (Swiss Arms Neuhausen) calls it 751 a "Precision Rifle". In fact, "SAPR" stands for Swiss Arms Precision Rifle but, in reality, it's nothing more than a designated marksman's rifle, NOT a sniper rifle. Whatever you want to classify it as, it's pretty darn schweet and it's just begging to be converted into an SBR. Let's take a look.

Here's what you get when you unbox your new clunker:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150370_zpswoleohwe.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150370_zpswoleohwe.jpg.html)

Up top is the case. It's nothing special, just a polymer case with egg crate foam inside. It's not fitted to the rifle like some of the old preban 550's were. In fact, I don't even know if it's Swiss made as it has no markings molded into it but it might be because it's pretty much identical to the one that came with my SAN 553 that was imported by Sig Sauer a few years ago. You can't read it in the picture but the label on the case says:
17118 SAN (Swiss Arms) On the end of the case (not pictured) is another sticker that reads:
SG 751-P SAPR JDI 34550236
SAPR-SB_HA_P_black 11"
R 00628
Below the "pistol" is the bag it was in rolled up, the cleaning kit, magazine (it only came with one), a can of spray lubricant and the manual with its storage bag.

The cleaning kit:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150371_zps489qowsp.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150371_zps489qowsp.jpg.html)

The bits that are marked are marked as Italian made and I suspect that the whole kit was sourced there. it includes both a steel cleaning rod as well as a pull through with mops (in the bag), oil, grease, various brushes, a brush with an unknown tool at the other end, a few wiping cloths and the storage bag.

The manual, although neither as in-depth nor in color as was the one that came with the 553, is more than adequate.....so long as you can read German!:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150372_zpscdqq10u0.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150372_zpscdqq10u0.jpg.html)

Swiss Arms has an English one online though that you can download if you want.* If you know how to maintain a 550/551/553, you already know how to take care of this on anyways.

Swiss Arms makes the rifle (lets just call it what it really is intended to be, shall we?) in both a long barrel and a short barrel version. JDI has imported the short barrel model:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150373_zpsv0qo5hno.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150373_zpsv0qo5hno.jpg.html)

Inside the front of the manual is a little evidence of just how crazy meticulous the Swiss are:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150374_zpswx0zmgaz.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150374_zpswx0zmgaz.jpg.html)

Notice the first line. It is telling you the last time the manual was updated. It was October 18th, 2010.........at 5:56PM! Sometimes I think they are just TRYING to be cranal (as in crazy analretentive. (I made that up. Feel free to use it. HAHA) Seriously, I think it's a joke. It might be true but whoever did it had to be snickering when he did it. Crazy Swiss dudes.

Here's a size comparison shot of the 20 round 751 magazine with a 20 rounds HK91 on the left and a 30 round 553 on the right:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150378_zpssofxdjtk.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150378_zpssofxdjtk.jpg.html)

A size comparison 751 to HK91:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150379_zpsg6h8epno.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150379_zpsg6h8epno.jpg.html)

Comparing the receiver markings on the 751 to the 553:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150380_zpssqxxosw5.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150380_zpssqxxosw5.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150382_zpsbq2kfpcy.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150382_zpsbq2kfpcy.jpg.html)

I'm far from smart but these markings appear to be laser engraved. Whatever they are, it wasn't done with stamps. They are a bit deeper on the 751 but are otherwise just like the ones done on the 553. Because of this, I assume that even the importer marks were done in Switzerland.

Just like an HK, even though the 751 is in 7.62, the receiver has the same cross section as the 5.56 model:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150386_zps9wjzfirz.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150386_zps9wjzfirz.jpg.html)

But, of course, it's longer:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150387_zpskcohklzv.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150387_zpskcohklzv.jpg.html)

The 751 uses 551 handguards but, because it has a longer receiver, the stud that holds the stock in the folded position had to be repositioned to the receiver. Here we clearly see that the polymer stud has simply been ground off the 551 handguard and a steel stud welded to the side of the receiver to accommodate the extra length:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150388_zpsyguyyxs0.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150388_zpsyguyyxs0.jpg.html)

A look into the trigger group:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150391_zpsuuqk7tw8.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150391_zpsuuqk7tw8.jpg.html)

Not much to say as it's identical to a 550. The pull is the same beautiful two stage experience too. Notice that they use flat coiled stock for the hammer spring instead of coiled wire just as they have been for all these years.

Of course, it wouldn't be Swiss if it didn't have a place to put a plastic troop tag! In this case, it goes in the pistol grip:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150393_zpsiky2hu3b.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150393_zpsiky2hu3b.jpg.html)

The gas plug has four settings:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150394_zpscw1lbunp.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150394_zpscw1lbunp.jpg.html)

"X" is off.

Both front and rear sights are nothing more than simple folding back-ups calibrated to 100 meters as the rifle was meant to be paired with an optic:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150396_zpsvojbi1sd.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150396_zpsvojbi1sd.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150397_zpsvifc0lxq.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150397_zpsvifc0lxq.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150400_zpsqgeqnzab.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150400_zpsqgeqnzab.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150399_zpse7x9dqid.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150399_zpse7x9dqid.jpg.html)

The rail is welded on, not riveted:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150415_zps47mwx9kw.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150415_zps47mwx9kw.jpg.html)

That's it for tonight. I'll continus from here in the next post. Goodnight!

October 31, 2017, 06:00

Very nice pics. Its a shame they couldnt bring in 16 inch barrel pistols. Something is better than nothing though.


October 31, 2017, 08:51
Sweet, the obvious question. What did it cost you, for us dreamers?:wink:

October 31, 2017, 09:01
Very nice.

November 01, 2017, 17:29
I would sell a bunch of M-14 clones and FAL clones to get ONE 751 RIFLE with a rifle length barrel.

Thanks for the post. Keep us updated.


Herr Walther
November 01, 2017, 17:37
How on earth did you get that into the country?!

I have wanted one of those for the last 10 years at least.

Congrats on a Unicorn. :bow:

EDITED: Sorry I didn't read your post before replying. I was so excited to see one of these in the US I about wet my pants. I didn't realize until now that it was configured as a pistol.

I can fix that. Anyone make a 16" rifle barrel in 7,62 for the 550 series?

Herr Walther
November 01, 2017, 17:50
Sweet, the obvious question. What did it cost you, for us dreamers?:wink:

SG751P SAPR, 100 to be imported, $4050, Barrel 14.3", ATF Approved, limited availability

November 01, 2017, 18:13
Thanks for sharing. A few years ago when SIG premiered the 751 rifles at SHOT I got excited at the prospect of owning one and was disappointed to find out they weren't going to be mfg'ing them for the civilian market but rather sticking with the 716. Looks like a cool gun but I can't get excited about a $4k+ pistol myself.

November 01, 2017, 21:08
Alrighty, let's finish this up. We'll start with a picture of the rifle field stripped and then take a brief look at some of the components and compare a few of them to their 5.56 counterparts.

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150407_zpsne1bpagv.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150407_zpsne1bpagv.jpg.html)

The gas tube does not need to be removed for normal cleaning but I took it off for the picture because...well, it comes off! I would be easier to clean with it removed. If I understand correctly, the gas system is stainless steel so, short of cleaning the piston, I probably wouldn't worry too much about ever cleaning it. Notice that, like all 550 series rifles except for the 552, the recoil spring is captive on the gas piston instead of behind the bolt carrier. It's Swiss.

The flash suppressor looks to be threaded for a BFA:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150409_zpspp35nijc.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150409_zpspp35nijc.jpg.html)

Barrel markings:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150411_zpskpqtsop6.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150411_zpskpqtsop6.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150412_zpsdejzciym.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150412_zpsdejzciym.jpg.html)

The handguards are made by Weidmann:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150427_zpsh215mllu.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150427_zpsh215mllu.jpg.html)

Weidmann makes stocks too. When SBR'ing the rifle, look for this mark to be sure you have a true Swiss made stock. At the risk of sounding elitist, US made ones are inferior. Of course, a US made part may be necessary if you are having trouble with 922 compliance.

7.62 bolt at top with 5.56 below:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150404_zpsqabxgq6v.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150404_zpsqabxgq6v.jpg.html)

Bolt carriers compared:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150405_zpsz4rvsmny.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150405_zpsz4rvsmny.jpg.html)

In both cases, they appear to be pretty much identical with the 7.62 version just made longer.

Bolt carrier and bolt:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150401_zpsbyergfjd.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150401_zpsbyergfjd.jpg.html)

For you guys not familiar with these this design, it's a long stroke piston system (like an AK) and the charging handle is used to lock the piston to the carrier. To disassemble for field stripping, you press down on the bit behind the serial number on the carrier and pull the charging handle outward, removing it. Then the bolt and carrier will slide out the rear of the receiver while the piston can be removed from the front of the gas tube after removing the gas plug.

Anyone who is familiar with an AK will immediately recognize the bolt head and the camming track in the carrier:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150402_zpsypbfwu21.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150402_zpsypbfwu21.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150406_zpsuquanrkx.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150406_zpsuquanrkx.jpg.html)

IMO, the 550 series is essentially the ultimate expression of Kalashnikov's design.

If the operating system is Kalashnikov, the receiver is anything but. While it appears to be a stamped steel receiver, looks can be deceiving. In reality, the stamped part is nothing more than an action cover that is welded in place. Think FAL with a non-removable action cover. The front trunnion with locking recesses, rails for the bolt and carrier, ejector and attachment points for the lower receiver are all machined as one unit. Then the sheet metal cover is welded and brazed in place to cover everything up. This is in direct contrast to almost all stamped receiver firearms where the sheet metal shell is an integral part of the design and the firearm cannot function without it. In automotive/aviation terms, a normal sheet metal receiver is monocoque while the 550 has a frame with a body attached.
Take a look into the receiver from the rear and this becomes apparent:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150420_zpsi3yvwpn9.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150420_zpsi3yvwpn9.jpg.html)

The rails seen at the bottom of the picture are part of the machined frame do all the work and the barn shaped sheet metal just keeps the rain/dirt/funk out.

Here's a look at the ejector machined as an integral part of the rail:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150421_zpsafwdy3rj.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150421_zpsafwdy3rj.jpg.html)

Left and right side of receiver showing the spot welds:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150419_zpst7xcri2q.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150419_zpst7xcri2q.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150416_zpsntslmem1.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150416_zpsntslmem1.jpg.html)

To my knowledge, everything is both spot welded AND brazed for added strength; a step skipped on US made 550's.

Bottom of the receiver:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150417_zpsxk3blol7.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150417_zpsxk3blol7.jpg.html)

A couple shots of the breech and locking recesses:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150423_zpsahv8shav.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150423_zpsahv8shav.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150424_zps1ikyfbyw.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150424_zps1ikyfbyw.jpg.html)

Note the Craftsmanship involved and the line where machined meets stamped:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150426_zpsqg8lmhnm.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150426_zpsqg8lmhnm.jpg.html)

Last picture is the front of the trunnion:

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150425_zpsft2hdw6z.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/SAN%20SG%20751-P%20SAPR/P1150425_zpsft2hdw6z.jpg.html)

Typical of Swiss manufacturing, it's sometimes hard to tell where one part ends and another begins.

If I sound like I'm smitten with Swiss products, I am. Pictures, especially ones as poor as mine, simply cannot do justice to the unbelievable Quality embodied in not only this rifle, but EVERY rifle SIG/SAN has built and continues to build. The only way to truly understand how exceptional they are is to actually spend time with one. Only then will you come to realize that you are not just holding a firearm but rather a near perfect piece of mechanical art. Old or new, bolt action or automatic, shooting one is not an act but rather an experience. Since 1860, SIG and now SAN has been building firearms this way. It's a time honored Swiss tradition of demanding the highest possible Quality that can reasonably be achieved and it's the only way they know how to build. True, it's not inexpensive but when you understand what you are buying, you come to wonder how it's even possible that it doesn't cost more than it does. As I said at the beginning of this, JDI Firearms has only imported 100 of these rifles. As of this writing, their website says that they are still available. I don't know how many are left but, if you are even remotely considering one, I wouldn't wait too long as these are going to go nowhere but up in price once they are all gone. Thank you for your time and I'll see you at the range!

Herr Walther
November 01, 2017, 21:27
The SIG P210 is no exception, and I an quite familiar with the fanatical engineering precision of Swiss watches such as Omega, Breitling, and Fortis.

Awesome rifle.

November 01, 2017, 21:31
LOVE my Swiss firearms!!

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/Misc/P1130532_zpsxgilqky1.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/Misc/P1130532_zpsxgilqky1.jpg.html)

http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab269/Combloc/ZFK55/P1140139_zpsubsvbvvj.jpg (http://s870.photobucket.com/user/Combloc/media/ZFK55/P1140139_zpsubsvbvvj.jpg.html)

Herr Walther
November 01, 2017, 22:07
What is that large rifle with the wood stock, first photo? That sure is a beauty.

November 01, 2017, 22:16
Thank you! It's a SIG 510.

November 02, 2017, 07:10
Thank you so much for posting. Salivating as I write this.

(I'm forced by economic circumstances to be content with my SIG 556 for the time being).

November 02, 2017, 07:51
Went to the JDI site no rifle on it, to get a price. Unless it is a national secret, and we promise not to tell your wife, what did it cost you? Not being rude, just curious as to the cost, it is a rare rifle.:confused:

November 02, 2017, 09:41
Thanks for another excellent review--- a great addition to an already wonderful collection!!! :)


November 02, 2017, 19:35
Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind words. To find the rifles, you have to click on news. Here's a link:


November 05, 2017, 14:04
Hey Bro see your 751 pistol is #628 mine is #629.. I agree with all said of quality in these and all my other SigSan firearms,second to none

November 05, 2017, 22:48
This rifle is owned by a friend of mine. He bought 627 too. That's three accounted for!

November 06, 2017, 03:29
#630 here!