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June 19, 2002, 23:09
Is there anyone in the NE Florida area that has a receiver wrench that I could maybe borrow? I would kick back some money and maybe a 12 pack.
Thanks in advance

June 20, 2002, 00:49
You don't need one really. Use a non toothed pipe wrench. Read my post below about WECSOG details when you don't have the right tools. To hold the reciever in position use a four inch C-Clamp. Flip the reciever top down. Then take the C-Clamp and if you look behind at the rear of the reciever you will notice the bolt rails are wider. Clamp this surface to the table or whatever. Use a 2x4 to brace on the left side (facing the reciever front theads)- the side getting the most torque when you screw the barrel in. Nail the 2x4 in place to brace. Use the non-toothed standard crescent wrench or pipe wrench. After hand tightening the barrel into place be sure that it stops at around the ten O'clock position. Then use the Crescent wrench or pipe wrench to torque down the barrel to about 11:55. Then use the two rod method for alignment of the sights- basically only barely moving it until it is dead of center at 12 O'Clock.
If the barrel hand tightens past the ten O'Clock mark then you may want to peen the barrel. This also works if you have for some reason overtorqued the barrel past true center. Peening is just using a hammer to roughen the shoulder on the barrel so it is a little uneven. When you go back to handtighten it will stop way before or at around the 10 O'Clock position. Then just re-torque till it's dead center- checking every few milimeters with the two rod method until your perfect.
This system though it sounds like it may not work actually works pefectly. The key is the C-Clamp and the 2x4 brace.
If you need to check headspace let me know- this trick I learned from a gunsmith a while back using nothing more than a casing and some white plumbing thread tape. :cool:

June 20, 2002, 05:46

I'd be interested in hearing the details of that headspacing trick.



June 20, 2002, 08:11
I think 762FMJ got lucky with his build without tools. I did my first one that way, kind of. I used formed wooden blocks held in my bench vise and a modified 27mm wrench on the barrel. It worked with that one rifle but not with the next build. Clamping the receiver as far back as 762FMJ did you stand the risk of twisting the receiver if you use too much torque on the barrell. Sections of the receiver are really fairly easy to bend, warp and twist. His method of headspacing using a spent case is risky too. Like I said, he may have gotten lucky with this one.

Be careful. Make or buy the proper tools or send off to a 'smith for the barrelling and headspacing. Just my opinion.

June 20, 2002, 17:25
Be careful. Make or buy the proper tools or send off to a 'smith for the barrelling and headspacing. Just my opinion.
Can I quote Al Pacino, "I'm givin ya pearls son, I'm givin ya pearls". How many times have I tried to do a job with the wrong tool and ended up costing me more in the end. Your receiver is not something you want to F up.

June 24, 2002, 08:01

If your still looking for a receiver wrench, I just posted one for sale at a good price over in the Marketplace.