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June 19, 2002, 18:28
Considering buying a nice scope for my FAL.
Want something that is "tactical"
I am looking at the IOR Valada stuff and have considered the tactical line

Anyone here own one ? what did you think ?
What model would you get for an FAL ?

they have a site here
I am not affiliated in any way. Just curious.

June 19, 2002, 22:39
Warning, harsh sounding advice ahead:

You have to be very careful using the "T" word on this board, or you will get severely harshed. (not by me, I am trying to be friendly)

Please tell us what you really want to use the scope for (rapid target acquisition at 300 yds at night... etc.), and I am sure you will get good advice.

Remember, tactical = I want something cool.

Tactics are, by definition, techniques used under specific conditions. There are many people on this board with tremendous experience under various conditions, so ask for the specific information you need.

The word "tactical" is now interchangable with "wannabe" in the operational community.

The IOR scopes are great for late 70's technology. You can get worse scopes for a lot more money.

June 20, 2002, 07:59
scope needs to have bullet drop compensator, either on the reticle or using a dial.
finger adjustable for zero is preffered.
I'll need to hit out to 300 - 500 yds.
Prefer to have a lit reticle for low light.

I'm applying for a new depqartment and I'm pretty sure I'll be allowed to qualify with an FAL as well as a Shotgun and AR type rifle.

I'm looking to set it up as a long range answer to an AR.

Anyone have an opinion on the ATN line of scopes ?

They have 5x33 with bullet drop but no finger adjustements.
thay have 6-12x46 that is crystal clear and has a decent eye releif compared to the original funky 4-16x65 with the red coating that changed the colr on everything.

June 20, 2002, 16:38
Well, I ordered a 2-6x40 from ATN, I am a dealer.
I've had good luck with my 5x33LU. It comes with the bullet drop cams for calibers up to 50 BMG ! It is not calibrated for .223

Also managed to get in touch with Valdada. They are mailing a dealer kit to me. I can't match the folks who stock at the distributor level for either company but can get the stuff they don't stock. Might have to try one of their scopes for my Chicom M-14

June 20, 2002, 16:52
I would not buy any ATN model for their prices. Do a search in here or at AR-15 and you will find alot of people with warrenty issues and thier ATN scopes.
I guess since punching paper is my objective a $75 Russian will work. If I needed a war scope I would foot the bill and buy a Leo. for distant work or a Trijicon 3 power.
Good Luck and try searching I have been looking for about 3 months now and reading whatever I can.

June 20, 2002, 17:47
Go with the Leopold 3.5-10 IR. Do not cheap out on optics.

Personally, I am not a big fan of any BDC, but for dept. use, it does make legal liability sense.

June 20, 2002, 18:27
Well, I ordered the 2-6x40 ATN.
I have the 5x33 LU on my ar an have had no problems.

Since my normal wholesaler doesn't stock the 2-6 I called ATN and ordered it direct and got the dealer pricing.

The reviews on ar15.com where not bad on the scopes.

If anyone wants one I'll order it for them at $255.00 delivered

Here's the web site page for this particular model


they are waterproof and shockproof

June 20, 2002, 18:33
I bought one of those ATN 2-6 scopes a few months back owned for Two days and sold it. I couldn't see the reticle even with the power on. It may work for you, but didn't for me. I then bought another Leupold ( 2-7matte) and I'm happy.

June 20, 2002, 19:43
If price were not an object heres what i'd get:


But I also have a hardon for big scopes ... and it all depends on what ya use it for

June 20, 2002, 21:25
I like my "Micro Dot", imported/distributed by Action Arms ltd. I've never seen them advertised and was a bit apprehensive, but a guy I trust (at least a little) recommended it highly. It's a 1.5-4.5 variable w/ an illuminated red dot reticle.

I've got it in Leupold QRW rings on a Tapco mount, and after tightening it all up after 100 rds or so it's holding together pretty well. The scope itself is pretty bright - I can see my holes at 100 meters (at 4.5 magnification, anyway).

Pretty pleased after one long range session.


June 21, 2002, 12:21
Well, I had good results with the 5x33 LU so I figure I'll give this one a try.
I have contacted IOR and am in the process of opening a dealer account.

The stuff looks good and I have heard only good things about them. A little pricey but quality does cost.