View Full Version : Fal value?

Taco reynolds
October 11, 2017, 13:46
Hello, I’m considering selling a FAL but have been out of the loop for awhile. If I sell it, it will only be posted here. I’ve gotten into thermal optics and night hunting and am clearing some stuff out of the safe I no longer use. This rifle has maybe 200 rounds through it. I’ll post up pics later.

Here’s what I know about it:
Imbel gear logo receiver
Vol Ord Works hardwood furniture -pg, hg, bs
Fse fire control parts
Built by Randy Kline (over 10 years ago)
Bolt and carrier match
16” no muzzle device

I can’t remember origin of the kit - i’m Pretty sure stg - came with metal handguard
Can’t find markings on barrel
Where should I look for proofs/serial #s?

Thanks again I know you need pics. Trying to get that figured out.

October 11, 2017, 19:36
If you look under the handguards, you will see the barrel markings.

Do the serial numbers match on the barrel, bolt, bolt carrier and lower?

If the rifle was built on an better condition matching STG-58 kit, and you have documentation that Randy built it, I think $900-$1000 would be reasonable. If the barrel was threaded, add $200+. The lack of muzzle device really puts most guys off. If you are serious about selling, having the barrel threaded first would be a sound investment.