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October 07, 2017, 11:58
I have an FAL that the pin that protrudes out of the BHO device was protruding too far so that when you insert a full magazine the top round would hit it and pop that round out of the magazine. I carefully ground that pin down so that the first round of the magazine would just clear it, and now it does not protrude far enough out to engage when the magazine is empty. Actually it is worse than that because the mag follower goes past that pin and does not engage the BHO and it tends to get the mag jammed into the mag well because the mag follower has gone over the top of that pin. Is this really supposed to be that close of tolerances where you have to get the length of that pin so perfect or else this happens? Shouldn't I just be able to buy a BHO assembly and slap it in without fitting it to the rifle or magazine? This is a DSA receiver if that makes a difference.

October 07, 2017, 12:16
You should have a lot of latitude there, like plus or minus 1/32" or so ????

October 07, 2017, 12:26
I measured and the post protrudes .250 ins

October 07, 2017, 12:47
Followers vary as well. I have some that work well with my BHO and others that don't work well or at all.

Southern 7.62
October 07, 2017, 18:13
Hi Incognito. I've this same issue with both of my DSA made SA58s. To experiment, I ground the tip of the BHO device down as you did. The mag locks into place just fine now and the BHO doesn't cause the top round to "pop out" of the mag anymore. However, like you, the BHO is too short now to engage after the last shot using surplus mags. Works about 50/50 on DSA mags, and works 100% on my older Moses mags. Go figure. I've just learned to live with it. Maybe it just wants to be a Britt rifAL. Cheers!