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October 04, 2017, 19:11
Need to get some mags for my 556 AR.

Current count is 1 10rn p-mag, 1 20 round Colt, and 1 30 round aluminum whatever PSA shipped it with.

Not a fan of plastic in general, so I'm not sure I want P-mags - unless they are the end-all be-all of mags.

I remember forever ago when I last owned an AR that there was a specific brand (OKay?) that had a specific color follower that was supposed to be the shiznit.

Whats the deal today?

October 04, 2017, 19:19


and this:



October 04, 2017, 19:45

The Army considers them expendable and will spend your money to replace the ones that start to spread at the feed lips, unlike the old aluminum ones.

Great move.


October 05, 2017, 09:42
Some around here don't like ASC magazines, others prefer them. They are my top three choices usually from this vendor. They have 30 round stainless on sale for $8.95 currently. Just added a dozen of the 40 rounders as never have stocked too many super high caps but $15 for 40 rounders makes much more sense than $100 for 60 round drums.


Midway is another vendor use and buy their AR Stoner line but show out of stock on 30 rounders. Looks like a run on 100 round Beta Mags as Midway and others show them out of stock but I don't need $200+ magazines. Palmetto has 30 round D&H for $7.99 and had a couple other things needed so pitched another dozen on my order. High cap mags at under $10 each will always be a good investment as political climate ebbs and flows.

October 05, 2017, 11:42
I do not care for metal mags if I have a choice. I have five aluminum mags ($6 each when Brownells was blowing them out) and five Troy Battlemags (company sucks, but the mags are great). The rest are all PMags. All PMags for the AR-10, too.

October 05, 2017, 12:54
Have any of you guys used Lancer mags? They have steel feed lips with a polymer body.

I bought a few on Black Rifle Friday last year. They seem really nice, though I haven't been especially hard on them.




October 05, 2017, 17:28
Lancers are the only polymer magazine I will buy and do buy. The lips don't spread under pressure for extended periods of time, bodies do not swell or crack. Wide choice of colors if need to color code magazines to keep up with different loads or cartridges. Best thing about them is they will function with not only 5.56 but 6.8 spc II and 22 Nosler if don't try to shove full.

October 05, 2017, 17:35
Over at another website that focuses on AR15s the discussion of the preferred magazine came up. They have a survey of users magazine preference and the poll last time I checked was 43 percent favored Pmags, 45 percent favored GI mags with the magpul follower and the rest GI with green follower so if you choose one of those two then you should be fine. The Pmag is my preferred mag.

October 05, 2017, 17:42
Lancer magazines my favorites. They're ultimately dependable.

October 05, 2017, 19:51
Another vote for Lancer.

I do like and use P-Mags, but if it's loaded and you remove and reinsert, chances are it won't feed because the feed lips spread.

October 06, 2017, 03:53
Years of service rifle shooting have made me a fan of the aluminum GI style mags.
44mag has them.

October 06, 2017, 06:32
Years of service rifle shooting have made me a fan of the aluminum GI style mags.
44mag has them.

Hard to beat original twenty round AR magazines. Thirty rounders take maintenance as age. Don't think have ever even had to clean a twenty rounder more than wipe of dirt as pick up off ground after running a course.

October 06, 2017, 07:04
Hard to beat original twenty round AR magazines. That's actually what I use at the range 99% of the time.

October 06, 2017, 07:31
That's actually what I use at the range 99% of the time.

Same here as if shooting off a rest do not sit on table causing rifle to see-saw on magazine. 30 rounders are for run and gun or defense. If go to range to sight in and test will have more OEM twenties than anyone's 30's.

October 06, 2017, 09:10
I use pmags for convenience. light and reliable. Not a fan of the Nerf gun look that clear magazines provide. If I've lost round count, its time to put in a fresh one. Have some Israeli aluminum and British steel ones for long term continuity.

October 06, 2017, 11:58
LOL, I'm still using 20-round Colt magazines I purchased for $2 each at Ranger Joe's, Columbus, GA, in 1979. Never could get into a good low prone with the 30-round magazines. Always a challenge holding and squeezing from the 500 yard line.

October 06, 2017, 12:26
Another vote for Lancer.
I do like and use P-Mags, but if it's loaded and you remove and reinsert, chances are it won't feed because the feed lips spread.

I leave my PMags loaded with or without the dust covers. I haven't had AR's in a while, but full mags could be inserted as many times as I cared to. Never had an issue with the feed lips on any generation mag spreading.

On the XCR, seating a full 30 round mag is no issue. It's my nightstand gun, so it has a PMag 40 in it.:D

October 06, 2017, 12:49
I dont know about the plastic feed lips, havent used any enough to wear one out.
But I know for a fact the aluminum and steel mag feed lips wear down to paper thin and crack at the back corners, I've worn a bunch of them out...:biggrin:
I guess that new fangled plastic is more abrasion resistant than alum or steel..:?

One thing I dont like about pmags is loaded mags Do Not drop free.
Shure empty ones do, but loaded ones swell enough that just hitting the mag release does NOT let the mag fall from any of my 7 AR's. They just drop a tiny bit and hang there.

Loaded Alum or Steel mags might swell some, but not enough that friction overcomes their weight and keeps them from falling out.

Guess I'm old fasioned,,but leaving pmags loaded and swelled all up just dosent give me that warm fuzzy feeling...:tinfoilhat:

October 06, 2017, 15:55
Have had two loaded Pmags left in truck rifles during summer had to separate upper and lower, push rounds out one at time till magazine was empty then beat the mofo's out. All of my Pmags are in fireproof/waterproof storage boxes, mostly still in sealed original plastic bags for future resell. Bought too cheap to pass up but won't put one in my rifles anymore. Tried storing them with dust covers out of rifles stacked on dresser next to bed and in temperature controlled home would eventually swell till point seating them takes a firm slap and removing takes some force tugging on them but if I live another 20 years someone will be happy to pay me $30 each for them. When see good deals buy mags for rifles and handguns I don't even own. Bush 1 and Sandy Hook were both good to me and have another party selling my Slidefires right now since gunbroker claims I have two accounts and locked me out.

October 06, 2017, 20:38
I have AdventureLine, Center, Labelle, Okay, Parsons, Sanchez, Colt alum mags. All GI contractors, all good to go.

October 07, 2017, 15:02
Except for AK drums when they were $25 each never purchased an AR drum. Have a bit of a windfall from selling Slidefire stocks and watching news might reinvest some in AR drums as will be a great way to part fools with their money in near future. AR accessories will take a harder hit than the rifles and think NRA is willing to use bump stocks, binary and drum magazines as sacrificial lambs. Binary triggers are over $800 today. If drums even enter discussion then they will double overnight. What are the best units for the money invested? Thinking the Magpul 60 rounders. Found some for $99.99.

October 08, 2017, 22:18
My favorite turned out to be those dum C-Products curved aluminum 20s. Less chance of putting them in backwards than the straight 20s. I also like the C-Products aluminum 30s.

I guess ASC would be about the same thing. I believe ASC ended up with some of C-Products tooling after legal scuffling.

Timber Wolf
October 09, 2017, 07:31
If I where to buy mags today (actually bought a few last week) I would buy Lancers. I have mags of every type, size, and description and the Lancers are my favorite. I have had good luck with the C Products mags, particularly the 40 rounders in 3-Gun match use. They actually fit 42-43 rounds so have been very reliable loaded with only 40 in my experience.

October 09, 2017, 08:52
Just ordered some 25 round 308 Lancer L7's along with some 40 rounder stick mags from a never used source and one 50 round drum. $199 on sale for the drum, whew! If ever use it need it to be 100% so went top of line. Unsure if the 40 round AR 10 magazines will be reliable but will have for testing when rifle is finished and sure if work on them enough should eventually function if don't as shipped. If the Lancer L7's don't work the rifle has an issue. Now to send a barrel to have fluted then deep salt bath. Finally proceeding with my binary AR 10 building to take major abuse from billet upper to heavy barrel fluted aggressively for maximum surface area to dissipate heat.

If can get my hands on a Franklin HK 91/93 binary trigger pack then the AR 10 will just be a stepchild as know a G3 will soak up abuse. Still waffling on AR 15 drums. Have a pair of Magpul 60's coming but unsure which of the big Beta units is reliable. Seen several really gummed up at range combined with Slidefire but beleven were the Korean crap. Anyone have experience with a reliablessing 100 round drum? Yes, they are retarded when $25 worth of stick mags and two reloads is same basic payload but plan to leave in box for the day dot gov says no more.

October 09, 2017, 19:49
Get a couple hundred in the bag. Mine are GI aluminum mags, I use the 1970's-1980's used ones for competing in action matches and benching. Do you think the polymer ones will be useful in 40 or 50 years? Just my questions on the matter.

October 09, 2017, 20:53
Do you think the polymer ones will be useful in 40 or 50 years? Just my questions on the matter.

I have some polymer tens. I'll probably be done before they are.

October 10, 2017, 09:00
Get a couple hundred in the bag. Mine are GI aluminum mags, I use the 1970's-1980's used ones for competing in action matches and benching. Do you think the polymer ones will be useful in 40 or 50 years? Just my questions on the matter.

Have over 700 mixed metal magazines in house. Buy polymer mostly to put back for resale later. Leave in original packaging and store in fireproof/waterproof boxes. Have over 200 metric FAL mags and almost as many inch. Doubt I could even count AR and AK mags. Now piling up G3/CETME mags while $4.99 but since AR is most popular it's what I buy most.

The Lancers I buy for current range mags and if fall apart in 20 years it means my metal mags are still N.O.S. If shoot 5.56, 6.8 and 22 Nosler it's handy that L5's are only mags that handle multiple case designs reliaby without modifications. The 25 round L7's were a bargain but have plenty of steel, stainless and aluminum to back them up.

October 11, 2017, 17:37
I love the D+H teflon coated. Run great in my AR's.

October 11, 2017, 18:08
I have never had an issue with USGI magazines.

I like to find old physically worn USGI contract mags and toss in a donor Magpul follower and spring, if the follower isn't tan. If the follower is black, I'll flip it to the ban state guys.

Old school USGI 20 rounds are also good to go, especially for bench shooting/zeroing.

When looking for used USGI mags, make sure the mag lock recess isn't chewed up or elongated.

Cheap, light, durable, utterly reliable, and expendable. They fit all USGI spec mag pouches. No brainer.