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October 04, 2017, 14:36
I have a SAR-2 that has had several furniture changes over the years, and has an E. German gas tube on it now. The gas block has 4 holes where the tube attaches, and with the E. German tube on it, half of the hole is covered.

I'm wondering if I should add some holes to the E. German tube on my SAR-2? I noticed some gas blowing back in my face the last time I fired it, and I'm thinking this may be from lack of adequate gas venting? I don't recall this happening before and may be caused from too much gas.

My Chinese MAK90 has 8 holes in the tube itself, and I get no blow back on it, and it runs smooth as butter!


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October 04, 2017, 23:56
Sure, you can add holes, but ya gotta weld them up if ya add too many!

Start by gauging the holes, 3/32? I dunno, get some drill bits and find out what size the existing holes are.

Drill two holes, one at 11 and one at 1 o'clock, see if that helps your gas issue while still cycling.

If you still think it needs more, just be patient and dont get all crazy. It is an AK. It can take the beating ferom slight 'overgassing'.

On a side note, IF you have a spare gas cylinder off of a Romy or WASR10 that fits and has the half circle holes up front, do an experiment and see how many holes you can add before it short strokes or fails to extract. Take copius notes with drill sizes, locations and plenty of pics. I think it would be interesting.
On a side note, I have a Russian gas cylinder with 3 small ports down each side, it gases like a dragster on launch!!!

October 10, 2017, 09:54
WTF are you talking about? The hole are for overpressure. Like on the FAL. It has nothing to do with cycling. Gun will run without a gas tube. It's not even called a gas tube, it's a piston guide - that's the sole point of it - so the piston can find the gas chamber on return.

The AKM holes are partially occluded by the piston guide. Normal.. Doesn't hurt to have an AK tube on an AKM gas chamber, but an AKM tube on an AK may direct overpressure/OOB more into the receiver. If one happens to have a malfunction like that. Otherwise, it's irrelevant.