View Full Version : Thank you WECSOG!!! True graduate tested and passed, Oven Mitts and 2x4's.

June 19, 2002, 00:18
I have been a student of WECSOG technique for years.
I have an FAL built by a supposed real gunsmith who had gone to school for gunsmithing yet this rifle though it looked great- would not even pass first year WECSOG standards.
The rifle has never ran right- and on top of that the sights were crooked!!!

I decided to take the entire thing apart. Now here is where only a true WECSOG graduate will prevail.

I own very few tools and not even a bench vise! Instead I opted for my trusty pipe wrench, a four inch C-Clamp, a lowly discarded 2x4, a ball ping hammer, and an Oven Mitt.
First was to remove the gas tube- I drove out the gas tube pin with a small nail as a punch and my ball ping hammer. Then using my pipe wrench and an Oven Mitt that I wrapped around the gas tube- I took the pipe wrench to the tube and removed the assembly.

Second was to remove the barrel from the reciever. I set my reciever rails against the 2x4 and then used my four inch C-Clamp to tighten it against the 2x4. One end of the clamp on the 2x4 and the other against the rear part of the underside of the reciever. I then drove two large nails through the 2x4 to secure it to my work area.

Next came the barrel removal- using once again my Oven Mitt that I then wrapped around the barrel I set to work with the pipe wrench on the barrel. After removing the barrel and inspecting the threads I then proceeded to hand tighten the barrel back onto the reciever and to my horror it went all the way to the 12 O'Clock position, TDC. I debated on buying a shoulder washer from Brad at Gunthings and opted instead for another WECSOG technique known as "Peening". I proceeded to beat the sides of the barrel shoulder with my hammer until sufficiently marred. I then hand tightened the barrel back onto the reciever and this time it stopped at the 10 O'Clock position. With the reciever still locked down by the 2x4 and C-Clamp I then used my Pipe Wrench to torque down to the 11 O'Clock position. Using one .22 cal cleaning rod and a fishing rod end for the rear part of the reciever- I aligned and torqued till true 12 O' Clock, TDC.

Smiling on this fact and lack of tools- I went even further. Deciding to improve the strength of the hammer spring. Removing lower most components I then cut the end off of a roofing nail laying about the floor. Removing the hammer spring from its holding tube I then placed the little peice of nail heads up in the tube which would shorten the distance on the hammer spring- making it stronger. Then I polished all contact surfaces for better cycling of the bolt. As well as drilling the gas port hole with my 1/8th drill bit.

Now the rifle has perfectly aligned sights, a stronger hammer spring, more open gas port hole and hardly any indication of WECSOG practices except some light peening around the barrel shoulder and a small circular pattern on the bottom the reciever from the C-Clamp.

FAL guy
June 19, 2002, 13:14
Originally posted by 7.62FMJ
...and opted instead for another WECSOG technique known as "Peening". I proceeded to beat the sides of the barrel shoulder with my hammer until sufficiently marred.

I do hope you used your "Ball Peen" hammer for the peening instead of the "Ball Ping" hammer. The "Ball Ping" hammers just make a funny noise.
;) :p :D

Derby FALs
June 19, 2002, 13:20
How's it work?

June 19, 2002, 15:27
Not bad...but WTH? No dremmel? Your work will be reviewed, although you may receive extra credit for working without benefit of electricity.

charlie echo
June 19, 2002, 16:05
You, sir, are a champion of the highest order.
Your casual disregard for the erstwhile travails of an impotent, yet classicly trained ggunsmith, (2 Gs) are commendable.
This, plus a bucket of balls, is what enabled you to accomplish your great feat.
Congratulations, you are now eligible for the WECSOG rowing team, the WECSOG Ballroom Dancing competition, and of course, the semi-annual Essen und Trinken und Schuetzen Festival, as well as a spot as a guest lecturer on your novel techniques with wood and C- clamps.


June 19, 2002, 22:58
Thanks guys- I do what I can. The rifle sights are perfect now and it will run fine. I checked the headspacing using a spent casing and some white plumbers tape- true WECSOG.

Some tips: if you want to give a rifle or pistol that nice slow rust blue appearance then just buy a tube of Perma Blue. The key is first not to evenly mix each layer, just lightly blend them. Second heat the metal or freeze the metal with each layer using a hair dryer and ice cold water. Of course use some vinegar between each layer of bluing. Bases cancel out acids and keep the layers from blending from the chemicals in the bluing that don't deactivate between each layer.

Another WECSOG tip: When re-doing an old rifle stock but wanting to keep the original look just use one coat to two coats lightly of red stain but mix in just a small amount of a darker stain. Use some new engine oil on the ends of the stock area and grip area- to give it that darker handled appearance. Forgoe all stripper type products and just use some rubbing alcohal after sufficient sanding and steel wool use.

Also black patio hight temp grill paint works great on magazines even plastic ones. Metal mags need to be heated though between coats. Plastic mags should be steel wooled between coats. :p