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June 18, 2002, 17:20
I'm new to the fal and could use some help. My Argentine fal has a small bit of side to side play between the upper and lower receivers. Is this a problem? If so can it be fixed?
I appreciate any help.

June 18, 2002, 22:46

If you will notice, when you tighten the hinge pin holding the receiver halves together, it gets tight on itself and can still be spun around. You can shorten the thicker half of the hinge pin so that when tightened it allows the upper and lower to be tightened together, eliminating the play. This works for side-to-side, forward-back, and up-down play.



June 19, 2002, 21:40
Did the same vise squeeze on a couple lowers of mine to try to cure sideplay. Worked. For a while. Alas, not permanent for mine.
Not sure if there is a permanent fix. Tried 8mm wavy washers from the hardware store on one pin. Seemed to be a bit tighter and everything still opened and closed smoothly. For now. I'm open to ideas.

June 19, 2002, 22:42
So maybe I'll live with a little play. But is a little movment a problem? I mean, except for the mental wellness of us obsessive types, is anything hurt by having some side to side play?

June 19, 2002, 23:12
Using a vise to squeeze the to edges together seems pretty good. This by the way is how they "handtighten" slides on pistols- squeezing in a vise the edges of the slide until it will barely move on the pistol frame- then use some extremely fine grit polishing sand mixed with oil or another medium dabbed on the rails then working the slide back and forth until the slide works well on the frame but will have zero slop. :p

June 20, 2002, 16:22
sbwn, side to side movement of the lower relative to the upper means side to side movement of the rear site. Its not obsessive to want your rear site to be anchored in place and not to move left and right. Seems like a rear site fixed to the top cover (like some of the inch heavy barrel models?)would be better :D

June 20, 2002, 18:03
i had a G1 lower that was loose i put it in the vise and in the back were the latch bolt is i took a flat punch and peed out the frame sides at the top,no more play:)

June 21, 2002, 15:29
Boy Midway, if you really peed out the frame sides, you'd better get to a urologist, quick!

June 21, 2002, 16:31
You might wanna check to see if your hinge pin is grooved on both ends where it touches the ears on the lower receiver. That was the case on my Izzy HB. New hinge pin fixed the problem.