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June 18, 2002, 15:03
The flash hiders on page 18 of the TAPCO catalog,How is it detachable? Is it threaded? Will this just go on and off a post ban style barrell?What holds it in place?Not asking for illegal advice just want to know how it works,Thanks

June 18, 2002, 15:13
The G1 barrel has an "accesory lug" on the barrel similar to a bayo lug, but no bayo was made to fit on it, therefore it is not a bayo lug. The bayo fits on a lug on the flash hider which then fits on the lug on the barrel. The muzzel is not threaded. The muzzle device (whatever it is) slides over the barrel and rotates and locks onto the lug. It can be rotated in the opposite direction and removed. This would be similar to a brake that set screws on, but better :D These will only work on a G1 barrel as far as I know. This is one reason I got the G1 was to not have a permanantly attached muzzle thingy.

June 18, 2002, 15:17

June 18, 2002, 15:20
No problem, now go buy a G1 barrel from Tapco :D

June 18, 2002, 15:59
I've wondered if the G1 FH was such a hot idea. I think stuff should be really tight on a barrel. I'm not talking about "I can't wiggle it by hand" tight, I mean tight like it can't be jarred by a supersonic shock wave tight. If the G1 type attachment idea was so great why is it extinct? Everyone went to threaded muzzles for a reason I figure. Maybe the threaded devices were cheaper to make? I don't know for sure, but if it can be twisted off by hand it is definitely rattling under fire. Maybe not enough to effect accuracy though, considering the limitations of an as-issued FAL.


June 18, 2002, 23:22
The latch mech is spring loaded and it locks in place. When I install the original flashider (not installed on reciever yet) it takes a moderate amount of force to turn to unlock. The new Tapco brakes will not come off by hand, I have to use a small screwdriver to pry up the spring to unlock it from the lug.
I will NOT shoot any rifle with a loose muzzle thingy for obvious safety reasons. The barrel is probably easier to thread then to mill the lug for the twist lock devices. It was probably a cost issue like the difference between type 1, type 2 and type 3 recievers.