View Full Version : does anybody have a 460 S&W revolver?

September 13, 2017, 19:09
did you buy it new or used?
how much?
what do you shoot with it (loads wise)?

K. Funk
September 13, 2017, 22:24
I bought a 5" 460 used but like new. I think I paid $950 for it. I got it to go with my 500. I like it very much, it shoots well with jacketed bullets, no so much with cast. I use a healthy dose of H110 or 296 under various bullet weights from 250-340 gr. Using rifle primers is recommended to avoid pierced cups.


September 28, 2017, 10:17
5" also (really a misnomer since it is 4" with a 1" compensator).

Like it, but really carry it as a bear gun.

Use 296/110 and plated (xtreme 200 or 230 gr) or jacketed (230gr armscor brass fmj or 250 gr Hornady XTP). I use Winchester large magnum pistol primers and not had an issue with pierced primers.