View Full Version : New Twist on the Rock Salt Reload - add Flour?

Bug Tussell
September 11, 2017, 14:15
I'm looking for some loud, startling, non-lethal fuckery shotgun rounds and ran across a couple comments about loading flour in with rock salt. It is said to cause a large flame as the flour ignites.

Wild dogs and such run through my little farm and I want to dissuade them from this notion.

Heard of such a thing with flour?

September 11, 2017, 14:53
I tried flour as a buffer when loading flechette rounds for a 12ga. It raised the pressure high enough to flatten the primer and did not ignite when it left the bbl.

September 12, 2017, 12:40
dissuade with #9 to the face.

September 14, 2017, 09:15
Flour is not only flammible but burns fast enough to be explosive. I would be careful as if it flashes over while in barrel or near chamber with restriction in front of it will greatly increase pressure. Your trick will be to get it to ignite before it travels too far from muzzle but not too early. Your basically recreating a grain silo explosion. If flour is in a traditional plastic wad odds are wad won't drop away until flour has traveled beyond fire from propellants to ignite it. If not separated from powder charge in some manner then it may "explode" too early. If really want this to happen suggest you use a cardboard wad on top of powder, then some metallic glitter on top of cardboard wad, second wad that will separate almost immediately after leaving muzzle then rest of payload. The glitter will help extend muzzle flash as it burns through the vaporized flour. I have done everything imaginable reloading but would not try this. If want flames, buy a box of Dragons Breath rounds and do not fire during drought conditions.

For a description of a device I have seen is take a tuna can, cut out top and drill hole in side. Insert blasting cap in hole and seal with wax, silicone, tape, etc but not epoxy as creates heat. Full can 3/4 full of crushed TNT, two part liquid explosive of choice or Helix. Cover with snug fit cardboard cut to fit inside diameter of can then fill almost to top with metallic glitter, powdered magnesium or other powdered or chips of flammible metal and cover with another cardboard disk. Sit a five pound bag of flour on top and when touch off the cap will have a grain silo explosion. The explosive disperses the flour rapidly in all directions and the flammible metal ignites the fine flour dust. Can bust a warehouse at the seams just like when grain silos go off and if do outside can set 20 acres of grass on fire in under a second. Do you want to risk this phenomenom happening inside your shotgun as holding it?

If I were to work on such a round would use a $75 single shot pawn shop break action shotgun duct taped to a tire and pull trigger with a string till accomplished performance desired or blew up shotgun so bad it scared me bad enough to quit. Using old fashioned cardboard wads either scavenged from old shells or if able to find somewhere but a little flour in a cup that will not fall away till flour has traveled farther than muzzle blast will work. Enough experimentation and sure it can be worked out but again, not a task I would try. Too many variables where may work nine times and number ten KaBooms your shotgun. Flour dust, fine sawdust, grain and corn dust are all dangerous and will flash over in a hurry when least expect it. Dust fires are my biggest fear at work.

September 14, 2017, 10:42
Flour is not only flammible but burns fast enough to be explosive. I would be careful as if it flashes over while in barrel or near chamber with restriction in front of it will greatly increase pressure.

When I tried it I think what is happening is that the flour becomes "solid" when fired. You are accelerating it from 0 to 1300 feet per second in 0.00153 seconds, compressing the flour. I don't think you would have enough dispersion/air space to ignite in the bbl. Flour is explosive at the lower limit of 25 grams per cubic meter.

V guy
September 14, 2017, 18:09
I have seen a shotgun go boom. A $12,000 Krieghoff, under single.
A simple accidental double load, of quick low bulk powder, like red dot.

Bbl unit goes way out there, while forward hand bleeds like crazy.

Shooter gets gas and splinters in face, goes to hospital.

September 15, 2017, 07:06
If the dogs are truly wild, isent it better just to shoot and shovel ?

If they arent, a single pump pellet pistol and a shot to the flanks has always worked for me...

September 15, 2017, 21:26

You can also get pepper balls for a paintball gun and pop them with those if not feral. I have also used balloons inflated and loaded with ground cayenne pepper hanging from branches and fences just above the dogs heads. Pop them with a BB/pellet gun. Hurts like hell. They will go away and not come back. Works for squirrels in the garden too.