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Herr Walther
September 10, 2017, 18:00
My Mom stopped by last Wednesday and put a $1000 check in my hands courtesy of my deceased step-father who passed about 6 weeks ago or so.

I sure didn't see that coming.

Anyway, I love free money, especially when I can spend it guilt free on a new handgun, so straight to Gunbroker I went.

I've been wanting another SIG-Sauer P225 for a couple o' three years now to replace one that i sold many years ago and stumbled across a limited edition that was the last 400 P225's produced in Germany to mark the end of production of this fine handgun.

The Germans have already switched to several different Walther, HK, and SIG-Sauer handguns and SIG-Sauer decided this wasn't needed any longer.

This example is number 42 of 400 and has the roll mark, "German Police Pistol" on the left side slide slab. Now if you didn't already know, the P225 was not the 'Polizei Pistole'. That was the P6. This is just a commemorative commercial P225 denoting the fact it was this (P6) model used by the German Police and is discontinued.

I was only looking for a nice P225 or a former Polizei P6 pistol that could use some TLC from a can of Brownell's baking lacquer, but this one popped up and fell into my lap instead. I thought, hey, you got the money, you may as well get a nice one. Especially since it's one of the last made. 358 from the end of production to be precise.

I pick it up Tuesday.

The grip on the P225 fits me as well as the Walther P5, and I really can't tell you which of those pistols I love more. They are both outstanding examples of 9mm single-stacks of their era.

These are the auction photos I downloaded. The first one showing the overall pistol is the worst and I couldn't doctor this for nothing. I tried.

The rest aren't too bad.
















September 10, 2017, 18:23
Congrats- that is a nice-looking 225. Had one years ago and could kick myself for letting go of it

September 10, 2017, 19:15
I have a P6 and love it. Yes it only has an 8 round mag, but it's fun to shoot and accurate. I am going to send it in to the Sig pro shop at some point to have the slide refinished and some other work done.

September 10, 2017, 20:05
Nice, I approve. A 9mm Sig just feels right when firing.

Herr Walther
September 10, 2017, 22:04
Yep. I love these pistols. It will be my third.

September 11, 2017, 08:36
Looks great, congrats. What did it set you back?:D

Herr Walther
September 11, 2017, 10:23
$900 with shipping.

September 11, 2017, 13:00
$900 with shipping.

ouch...my ouch not yours

This last Saturday there was one like new private sale at the show I was at. Owner had bought it when he was stationed in Germany.
tagged at $500 :facepalm:

Straight commercial gun he bought at the base exchange.
probably could have had it for $450

live & learn sigh...

Herr Walther
September 13, 2017, 08:58
Finally got the SIG-Sauer P225 home. It was like the seller said, dry as a bone. I ran a bore swab through it, but it was clean. It just needed lubed so I oiled it up and then shot a few photos.

I'm going to try and get out and shoot it tomorrow or Friday.

I love old school P series SIG-Sauer handguns. This particular pistol is #358 from the end of production forever of this fine classic.

Proofed in 2010 and is the last of the trio of '70's era Deutschen Polizei Pistolen shared with the Walther P5 and HK P7. They served their purpose for their time and are still great carry pistols for the rest of us.

Note the triple serial number and proofs that all German made pistols have. Not just SIG-Sauer.





September 13, 2017, 17:26
It does not appear to have been fired much at all, based on some of the pix earlier in the thread.

I had my P6 out to the range about 3 weeks ago. The classic SIGs shoot fabulously well.

Nice find.

September 14, 2017, 02:23
I had a pair of these, and like a double dumbass I sold one. Have regretted it since. :facepalm:

I have a P6 also and its quite the shooter. Beautiful pistols. :)

September 17, 2017, 21:09
Nice pistol and double stacks are not all that they are cracked up to be. Honestly from a civilian carry standpoint if don't end an altercation in very few rounds then something has gone very wrong. Good on you to shoot it, settle in to it with plan to send to New Hampshire for some factory custom shop love. Have sent several back and still have a few left to go. Have found that I can cruise the trade ins at LGS's, buy lightly used SIG's cheap enough that after send to the custom shop and have every little item done exactly how I prefer, pistol fully inspected, all wear items replaced, test fired and returned with warranty for about what new off the shelf costs or less.

What I like also is how smoothly service has always gone. Call the rep, give name, serial numbers on pistol and get a wealth of information all the way to what gun shop was originally shipped to and all factory features so know exactly what features shipped with and what may have been previous owner alterations. In about 20 minutes or less get an email with a pdf file print (SIG has some of the best factory case/boxes of anyone), put in box with magazines that fit in slots of box, put personal letter to gunsmith explaining personal desires for scope of work in box with copy of the shipping label, put case/box in a shipping box, tape shipping label on box and take to FedX before they close. Rep always tells me they are backed up to expect three week turn around, track and it arrives in just under 48 hours and three to four business days later get an email with tracking number saying pistol has shipped. ~48 hours later FedX driver walks in office, sign, unbox, marvel at quality of workmanship, load up several mags, walk back in shop and light up the range.

Thus far every pistol sent in has been handled by same smith which I request because first pistol was done so well. Rep said policy to only do four pound triggers, tell them shoot IPSC and IDPA and prefer a closer to three pound trigger. Every 1911 comes back with a 3.25 pound pull, 2022's with Short Reset Trigger at same 3.25 pound SA pull and 8.5 pound DA pull and every upgrade ask for done perfectly. Cannot tell them from a new pistol. With the 2022's the Short Reset Trigger only affects single action mode, does not reduce trigger pull but decreases reset distance allowing quicker trigger manipulation and faster follow up shots without the occasional failure to let trigger travel far enough to reset before trying to get next round and have to pause and release trigger. The 2022 is the best $450 pistol ever owned (what I paid for first two new in box) and picked up clean used ones for as little as $325. One 40 had less than 100 rounds through it but guy had five factory magazines with three still in package.

Enjoy it, I usually put about 1,000 rounds down the pipe before send them in, then when come back enjoy them even more. Every experience with SIG custom shop goes smoothly, every SIG pistol I own is a 100% reliable unit. Hit a bit of a financial wall and skipped a SIG 1911 FDE in model don't own but it had a flaw in the machining on slide or had been dropped and Cerakote touched up professionaly. Too many AR's, scopes and medical bills this year and pickings have been thin on used SIG's at price I like to pay but have my eye on one plan to talk to LGS owner next time catch him in and see how deep he will cut it. Not like I need it and if you need any spare or upgrade parts CDNN has been clearancing a lot of SIG and Colt factory parts lately picked up several ambidextrious safeties, threaded barrels dirt cheap and other stuff. Nice pistol, enjoy.