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September 02, 2017, 18:22
I just bought a Remington model 11-A shotgun for 250$ from my local fundtore. It's in pretty good shape, 12 gauge, about 27" barrel.

Anybody know about these? Maybe replacement barrels? Something shorter. Also would like to know the year of manufacture. Any general info is helpful. I know nothing!!

September 02, 2017, 18:51
Browning bbls do not inter change, I don't think Savage bbls will either. Different ejectors. Almost no parts interchange with Brownings. You can always have the bbl cut down.

Bottom one is a Rem 11 Whippet

http://i.imgur.com/xS74Y6w.jpg (https://imgur.com/xS74Y6w)

September 02, 2017, 19:04
My dad has a short barrel if you want to trade. If interested PM me and I'll see if he wants a longer barrel. His has a cutts compensator looking thing on the end.

September 02, 2017, 19:07
Sending pm!

I'm trying to detail strip this thing and the damn cross pin will NOT be driven out.

September 02, 2017, 20:00
Is it possible to replace that fiber recoil buffer? Mine is falling apart on one side

Nihonto Chicken
September 02, 2017, 20:53
There are two major types of Remington Model 11s, the early pattern with the "suicide safety" (i.e., a small lever inside the trigger guard in front of the trigger) and the later one with a cross bolt safety at the upper rear of the trigger guard.

The Savage 720 was a direct copy of the later pattern M11, with the exception that it did not employ the fiber washer at the interior back of the receiver. Parts should interchange between later M11s (post approx. 1930) and 720s, but importantly may well require fitting. Very little will interchange between Belgian Browning A5s and their American cousins save wood fore ends, recoil springs and friction pieces.

Link below to the Remington barrel code versus manufacture date (assuming you have the original barrel):


September 02, 2017, 21:14
Mine is older with the safety inside the trigger guard. If I'm reading that page right it's from 1936.

Why can't I find much online about the model 11-A. It's all 11-87. Is there a difference?

September 02, 2017, 21:56
As far as the recoil pad in the back of the receiver it will require a complete disassembly, it's at the back LOL...to get to it the bolt out everything has to come out. Go to Ebay & buy a REM 11 detailed take down manual. Once it is all out U drill the old blind rivets out then look for a new pad & new rivets...it's a bit tricky but U can find all the parts. Putting the new pad in requires some on line research. My pad was good enough so I didn't replace it. And yes, U need it, otherwise recoil will eventually crack the rear of the receiver. Get a new recoil main spring too. I got all my stuff off Ebay.

Ya 11-87 is not a REM model 11.

September 02, 2017, 22:26
Found a few vids on youtube that might help. Here's one.


September 02, 2017, 22:41
I completely detail stripped it. All the parts look good, no cracks. Everything just needed a thorough clean. I already found and ordered a new pad for the inside of receiver. Just trying to figure out how to get the old rivet out, and even harder, how to get the one in. I read online of people using high strength like epoxy to hold them in place.