View Full Version : Gentlemen please - What would be unwise...

September 01, 2017, 22:36
...about Using a PNG FH., as the flash hider of choice on a 17.5" Century cut L1A1 barrel?
Aesethics aside, I was thinking recoil, size of flash, noise... - your thoughts and experiences please, and thank you?:smile:

September 01, 2017, 23:44
You'll still get some muzzle flash, and may not notice any reduction in recoil with a barrel that short.

September 02, 2017, 17:46
Haven't got a barrel that short, but the FNG F1 knocked down the worst of the recoil in a pretty significant way. Did not seem as concussive, felt and heard more of the springs and action, I was able to turn down the gas a couple notches and lighten it up some more without any cycling issues. These helped improve my shooting on the 25 yard line.

It is much wider and more nozzle shaped, rather than chamber shaped, letting the gasses out much easier -- the purpose of a jungle flash hider is not to manage cyclic rate or eliminate flash or make it harder for others to see, but to blow it all away from you so as not to blind you at night. That's where I believe the felt recoil characteristics come in; gases leave more quickly, lessening the duration of the impulse, not pushing on the machine as long.

Weird analogy, think about when you tried to hold a sneeze verses when you just let it go.

Try it.

September 03, 2017, 13:21
I am not sure if the PNG was intended for jungle carbine use - just a means of getting a shorter rifle for a smaller end user - perhaps 1" shortening over the standard fh.
I can see the 'flash' as being larger, radial and forward in direction - less radial dispersion than the larger standard fh. That, and with the shorter barrel, I can see recoil being on the up - perhaps more of a 'Bitch' as it were - tho' that is not the intended application - but on a folder!
I am beginning to think that aesethics are important - if only there was a 'Short Browning FH', somewhere in between the png and the longer std ones! - ?

The barrel currently is a 20.4" neutered Century - if I go PNG then I need the cut, the 17.5" cut, thread and crown - maybe I'll go with an AK thread and crown and use this -

But then I lose the bayonet!:facepalm: