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August 29, 2017, 18:59
When did the wide, green forearm, and "meat tenderizer" collapsible stock for the G3 enter Bundeswehr service?

August 30, 2017, 01:16
Everything I have read on the G3 states that the German army never adopted the "Tropical" handguard for standard issue. They only used it on the G3 SG1 sniper rifles. H&K literature most often referred to the wide handguard as the "Export" version.

The German army's last G3 rebuild program in the 1990s retrofitted all G3s with black plastic grip frames and new green handguards and a case deflector welded on to the receiver near the ejection port. All the pictures I've see of the rifles of that era have standard handguards so I'm guessing they weren't the wide version. The program went on until the adoption of the G36.

Other countries did use the wide handguard and built their rifles with them . I don't think the Germans did though.

The Germans wanted green plastic from the first adoption of plastic stocks but had to make do with black until BASF perfected a way to make a green plastic tough enough for rifle furniture in 1964. So I guess you could get a wide green plastic handguard as soon as they were available. Don't know if anyone ordered them though.

The Germans officially adopted the G3A1 with retractable stock in October 1963. I "think" that's the stock with the early style buttplate. I don't know when they went to the later style they still use today but there is an official H&K picture showing a HK41 (not the G41 in 5.56mm) dated November "65 with the newer style buttplate in the book Full Circle by Blake Stevens page 281 so maybe around then.

This is just stuff I've read over the years so take it for what it's worth. Hope this helps.

August 30, 2017, 12:18
No, that helps immensely. Thanks! I'm shooting for early '90's to go with all my Flecktarn kit, so the collapsible stock with the curved buttplate would be the ticket. The standard handguard is sufficient on my PTR, and I actually quite appreciate the slim profile.

I have that book on my list.