View Full Version : 1st bld of L1A1, question re bbl washer

June 17, 2002, 15:36
Buddy is building his first L1A1. He is quite competent having already done an STG58. Now, "armed" with a Century (sorry) "R1A1" (sold as L1A1) receiver, we notice the Aust. L1A1 barrel nicely turns onto the receiver but stops about one full turn short of seating to the receiver. It does seat inside the chamber area just fine. So.....apparently the Aust. barrels require a washer. (BTW, STG barrel turns in to 11 O'clock properly). What does he do about a washer? Would a washer be already in his "kit?' Can he "make" a washer on his lathe? I would guess that with a washer in place, the barrel should then turn in to about 10:30 or 11 O'Clock like normal. What else should he know about this build compared to an STG build? Thanks so much, Dennis

June 17, 2002, 16:08
A breeching ring (washer) should have been included! It's an L1A1 thing...

June 17, 2002, 18:02
I've headed to Lowe's (my local hardware store) with micrometer in hand and perused their fender washers until I found the correct thickness (it's amazing how much variability in thickness these things have). They can be finished off on the lathe to be the correct I.D. and O.D.