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June 17, 2002, 14:37
I just got my "Good" quality G1 kit from Gunthings.com, and I can't believe it! The bore is beautiful, sharp rifling, no pitting, shiny, and the muzzle is perfect. I took out the gas piston and it looks new, as well as the gas plug. The finish is almost gone on almost all exposed surfaces, but that is to be expected. The handguards have 2 or 3 tiny dings, but they are so small that I will leave them. The buttstock looks to have no scratches, no dings, no cracks, just grime and a painted on number. It will cleanup and lightly sand perfectly. The buttplate is worn but very serviceable. The lower receiver is outstanding! What a shame to have to replace those FN H/T/S! The bolt and carrier are just slightly worn, beautiful condition! The firing pin and spring look new. This is incredible! My only question is the gas tube rotates about 15 degrees, in other words it is not locked in tight like my L1A1. Is this normal on a G1? This is going to be a fun project. What do you guys think about using Harlan's FAC type 1 upper receiver? I hear he is making one with G1 markings. I hope that would be a good choice!:D

June 17, 2002, 16:17
Brad and Paul sure do aim to please !
Now , the gas tube is supposed to have a little slop in it . This is to allow for heat expansion .

The Entreprise receiver sounds like a good choice . But , I did not had a pleasant experience with my Entreprise . :mad:



June 17, 2002, 16:36
I do not plan to use an enterprize receiver, but an FAC type 1.

June 17, 2002, 17:36
I had very good results with their FAFAL1 receiver.
G1 markings...all the better.;)