View Full Version : A different type of night scope for my L1A1?

August 07, 2017, 00:43
I recently sold my PTR-91 but kept my fero-51 German night scope set, which came with all the mounts including a rail mount for it. I was looking at my L1A1 and thinking about getting a second top cover and having LTR add a rail to it or maybe buying one of the ARMS railed top covers. I know the original NVG for these was the AN-PVS US scopes but has anyone tried mounting/using one of the German scopes on an L1A1 before? Figured I'd ask before trying to reinvent the wheel.

August 07, 2017, 07:05
The original night sight was not the US AN/PVS-2, it was Weaponsight, Image Intensified, L1 series.

For the British, at least.

August 19, 2017, 23:00
OK; let me ask from a slightly different approach- does anyone make or convert a railed L1A1/FAL top cover that would hold up to the weight of the Z-51 night scope? (1.9 kg/4.18 lbs) I know there's a member here who does the rail conversions on top covers for scopes, but not sure how they would hold up to this much weight.