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June 17, 2002, 00:52
I just finished building my DSA refinished G-1 kit on a CAI import Imbel receiver. I take it to the range and try to adjust the gas system while sighting in, but the gun refuses to cycle until the gas port is almost completely closed, and even with it closed all the way it will only cycle about 60% of the time and even when it did function the brass would often go no more than a foot. It often short strokes, extracting but not ejecting the cartridge, and it never once engaged the bolt hold open. My piston does not bind at all in the gas tube, but could it be worn? I have the gas tube pinned in, but the pin is a little loose, could this be my problem. The tube was cleaned when I put the gun together, so it was not clogged. I tried English surplus ammo, what I think was Hirt., and Chillean surplus. Of all those the ammo from Chille was the only one that would cycle the action at all. Any ideas as to what is wrong?


Bruce Allen
June 17, 2002, 00:58
Check your gas port. It should be at least .96".

There could be come crud, including fouling, threads from cleaning patchs, loose bristles, etc.

If it clear, and nothing else is binding anywhere I might consider opening the gas port about .04" or so.

BTW - to check the port unscrew the front sight all the way out, take out the detent washer and spring. There will be a circular hole in the rear of the gas block that goes straight down to the barrel.

You can also take and extra step and count your turns to the bottom before taking the sight off. When replacing the sight run it all the way down and count the turns back up and you will not lose your zero.

Derby FALs
June 17, 2002, 02:16
Mic the piston and let us know how big it is. Should be .428 or larger. Chilean ammo is hot so that is why it cycles with it.

ratas calientes
June 17, 2002, 13:06
Bruce - check your numbers. I think you mean 0.096 and 0.004 inches, respectively.

Ratas :cool: