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August 03, 2017, 14:53
Hello all. I have a question for a project that's been turning in my head and I haven't been able to find answers so, I thought I'd ask ya'll. I've got a Yugo M48 that I hunted with for a couple years. It got replaced by a nice Sledgehammer assisted Chilean Mauser that was re-sporterized after Bubba got a hold of it. Anyway, I'm gonna pull the Yugo out of mothballs and start using it again and have been looking at stocks. I like Boyds stocks but the only one offered for a Yugo M48 with Military barrel is the At-One style stock.....which I don't really care for. They do offer a stock for an M48 with a #1 barrel. However, they wont answer my question as to if the barrel channel for a #1 can be fitted for a military barrel. Can anyone help with that question? Is there another reputable stock maker? I know of Richards Microfit Stocks but have not heard the best reviews. Brownells has one but I don't know much on it.
Also, the M48 bolt, are there any recommendations....other than The Boltman for turning a bolt handle or reforging, for good scope clearance?
Any input would be much appreciated.


August 03, 2017, 15:05
Is Sledgehammer no longer doing gun work?

I'm not sure if he's taking work currently but Mike McCabe taught me a lot about Mausers and could do anything you wanted with the bolt. www.mccabeguns.com (http://www.mccabeguns.com/)

Also...I'm not a huge fan of Boyd's Stocks simply do to their one-size-fits-all approach. I've put one or two together over the years and their stock fit combined with my lack of tools and knowledge led me to use a lot Brownell's Acra-gel to close up the gaps. I did wind up with a snug fitting stock, though. :biggrin: And...it actually looks pretty good all things equal. I don't think someone who didn't know what they were looking at would notice.

With all that said, if you buy a Boyd's or a Richard's stock, you're probably going to have to do some inletting work regardless. They're probably the only game in town for Yugo M48s without commissioning a custom stockmaker to turn one for you and I don't know who does that any more. So, pick out whichever one you like best and be prepared to do a little inletting and possibly glass bedding. I found that work to be enjoyable even if it was a bit tedious at times.

Enjoy the rifle and please post pics when you're done. I love old Mausers. They just don't make'em like Mauser did any more.

August 05, 2017, 19:43
I was able to talk to the folks at Richards Microfit Stocks yesterday. They answered a few questions and were helpful. So, I'll probably place an order with them on Monday. The down side is that they said it was a 6-8 week wait.
I have a second Yugo M48 that would have been in cherry unissued condition but for 2 things.....someone had it drilled and taped for a scope and one of the lugs on the bolt is cracked. So, I guess I need to be on the lookout for a bolt body. I'll probably fix it up as a spare hunting rifle. I'll keep it in 8mm. I've got about 2500 rounds of Romanian and Yugo surplus ammo that hits hogs like a truck.