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June 16, 2002, 11:11
Hi all, I'm new.

I am building my first FAL...okay, I will be. I have a G-1 kit, some US parts from CAI and a few mags. Just need a receiver.

The goal of the project is a working FAL for as cheap as possible Emphasis on 'working.' :)

Question is, which receiver to get? Am leaning towards CAI L1A1 becuase it is only $140. Anyone know who made these? Hesse? DPMS? Also, are there any other 'deals' out there on cheapo (US if possible) receivers?

Thanks for any advice.


Harlan at FAC
June 16, 2002, 12:35
For a first time assembler I recommend an IMBEL receiver. IMBEL receivers are very consistent, and relatively free of head-scratcher situations.

Century has the receiver made for them, and Century is the only name marked on the receiver. The firms who are involved with Hesse Arms and DPMS receivers are not involved with manufacturing Century's receivers.
There are reports on this board about the Century receivers that would cause first time assemblers too much grief. Do a little research.

At the same time I recommend IMBEL receivers for first time assemblers, I also recommend that G1 kits be built with type 1 receivers because the G1 lower is type 1. Again do a little research to find out what best suits your needs.

June 16, 2002, 14:15
Originally posted by Penguin
... which receiver to get? Am leaning towards CAI L1A1 becuase it is only $140. Anyone know who made these? Hesse? DPMS? ...

Harlan generally knows his stuff, and his comments on CAI should be taken seriously. I don't personally know about them.

I'm surprised Harlan didn't mention the FAC receiver. I haven't kept up closely with comments on them, but the last I noticed people were saying good things about them.

You're still selling the FAC receivers, aren't you, Harlan?

Hesse is not a good first choice. They can be made to work, usually/sometimes/maybe. But they're a good source for jokes and WECSOG literature, bless 'em. :)

DPMS has ended their production of FAL receivers, and one member at least who's tried them has had some serious problems, and vowed, never again.

IMBEL is a top choice. The only concerns would be, it counts as a foreign part, and as a Type 3 it's not "authentic" for the G1, as Harlan mentioned.

June 16, 2002, 14:27
IMBEL fer dam sher.

June 16, 2002, 15:55
I would tend to agree with Harlan. If you want it to go together without a hitch...Imbel's likely the best bet.
I've only built one with their FAFAL1 type-1 receiver. It went together smoothly, but one is a lonely number.;)

June 16, 2002, 16:48
IMBEL is the best balance of price and functionality. You'll need 6 other US-made parts minimum (HST, Penguin 3-piece-set furniture will fix that) so have fun building a non-G1!

To Harlan's credit, he hasn't talked abut his Type 1 Metric. Another opportunity to excel.

June 16, 2002, 21:33
I agree with the Imbel for ease of build.

Couple that with a Dan's Sporting Goods "Grade II" Imbel kit and you have a rifle that's Imbel through and through, the bore will be pristine as will all the components. and one that's 100% legal to do so. (with the required US parts for 922r compliance of course)


June 16, 2002, 22:46
:D :rolleyes: :eek:

June 16, 2002, 22:52
The advice given is from the best and will give you great results. I can offer a little more, but follow theirs. IMBEL receivers are the truest for the money, I find DSA's as good or better but they cost much more. The DSA's are available in type 1 or type 2, which are the true replacement for many earlier FAL rifles, but function the same as a type 3. Next I use Entreprise receivers, and these work almost as perfectly (for me), but many find quality control problems (I have not found anything that was not perfect- outside of larger locking shoulders being needed, usually). I have also built on WAC, Hesse, DPMS, and an early FAC. These were not what I would recommend for a first build, yet all but one could be made to work.
Follow the advice fore-given and you should be in great shape. An IMBEL for a first build is the advice I followed, and it worked great for me. Then look at your options. $189 from Harlan @FAC is a great start for a type 3.

I had more problems from CAI internals (the early hammers) than from ANY receivers that I have ever tried. The early CAI triggers and sears were great, but I tossed a couple CAI hammers. They should have and probably have improved. I coupled two of the sets with Entreprise hammers for great results.


June 16, 2002, 23:33
The Imbels that I have seen are nice about the only receiver out there that has not been blasted for some issue appears to be the DSA. I have 2 FAC/Dan Coonan receivers. I had a chance to talk to Dan at FAC's open house. He mentioned that they will start making some Type 1's with the G1 markings on them. I would buy one of these in a heart beat. Also, they are looking at Parkerizing as an option too. I am happy with thier Black Oxide but hey, its another option.
I went with the FAC type 1 becasue I did not like the looks of the Type 3 upper mated to the Type 1 lower of the G1. It is a personal hang up of mine and I am seeking a good therapist now. But if you want a budget (best bang for the buck) and the looks of a Type 1 go FAC.
Dan also mentioned that they were exploring a Type 2 and also a True Inch receiver. I already have mentally build up a C1A1, now all I need is the money!
Good Luck,

PS, check out Gun Plumbers web site, he probablly has more FAL builds than a hundred of others combined.
Also buy his video/book it is waaaayyyy worth it for a first time build.