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July 16, 2017, 16:03
I've helped a few folks navigate the Gunfactory website to buy authentic Swiss Sig 55X series parts and thought I would post a short tutorial in how to order from them. In this case it is to order handguards specifically but it gets you to the section where you can pick up any sig 550,551, 552 parts they have available.


First off, "Bestellen" means "To Order".

From the landing page, click on the "Glock/AWP" icon on the left hand side of the screen to view the firearms section. Then click the "Sig Sturmgewehr" icon/link, then click "Zubehor SIG", Then hit the 5th "headstamp" picture from the top that has the description of
""Pistolengriff & Kolben, Handschutz, ZweibeinstŁtzen, Wangenauflagen, Gewehrriemen, Bajonette""...
This area covers most of the furniture options they have available, for those looking for SIG 556 replacement furniture and specifically hanguards, then scroll down to ""Handschutz zu SIG SG 551 SWAT + SIG 556"" and hit the "Bestellen" button next to the 551 handguard you want, Grun = Green, Schwarz = Black.

Once you are done selecting what you want, hit the shopping cart icon on the upper left hand side of the screen. It will bring you to the product summary page, once there hit "online bestellen" box near the bottom, this brings you to the shipping and payment page.

In the first drop down box select "JA", which means this is the first time ordering from them.
Vorname = your given or first name.
Nachname = your surname or last name.
Addresse = your street address.
PLZ = Postal Code/Zip Code.
ORT = City you live in.
LAND = United States.
Geb Datum = date of birth.
Burgerort = place or origin, The State you live in.
Tel = your phone number.
E-Mail = Enter your email address.

Then go down to the Credit Card section.
KreditKarte =
Select the type of card you will be using.
Karteninhaberthen = Enter the name on the card.
Kartennummer = Enter the card number.
Gultig Bis = Card expiration date.
Kartenprasseznummer = Enter the CC security code.

Then there are two shipping options to check, check the 2nd one that says, "Express Loschen".

Finally, go down and click the box that says "Bestellung Abschicken", which means, "submit your order". You will some time after, receive an email from these guys about your order. Be patient, their website isnt as slick as most US sites, but they have never let me down before.
Feel free to PM me for help on this.. d_s

July 17, 2017, 07:46
They say they speak English and they do have a English page, but almost everything is still in German and even their FAQ link (in English) ends up in German. Google Translate can help, but only a little.

July 17, 2017, 13:04
They do speak english and will respond by email in english by email

July 17, 2017, 21:09
OP, thank you for trying to help.:cool::biggrin: