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June 16, 2002, 02:32
I keep having problems with my mags not feeding into the breach. Everytime I put a mag in it just jams the round right below the breach and doesn't feed in. I only have two mags right now and they both have the same problem. Is this because they are metric and I am using an inch lower? I thought that you could use both inch and metric in inch lowers? They both fit in snug and tight.:confused: Any suggestions would be helpful.

June 16, 2002, 11:13
Buying an $8 Inch magazine would certainly be a good start. Cheap test, and a proper fit.

The follower for the Inch has a slightly different angle than that of the Metric, and you may have a bit of a down angle on the Metrics that won't clear the front of the mag well. hence, strikes below the ramp. A modified Metric receiver might exagerate a problem that would otherwise have not existed on an OEM rifle.

The lower has no bearing on magazine geometry or location in relation to the chamber/breech. The ejector block in the upper positions the magazine in relation to the mag slot and the breech. A post-ban receiver may be the cause of your problem. Another fix: a ball bearing under the mag catch spring in the e-block. This holds the mag tighter in position, but may also force your bases up, and tips down.

- What receiver have you?
- Who assembled it?
- Have you access to an Inch magazine?

PS- snug and tight just means the tolerances are tight. It doesn't mean the slots are properly cut in three-dimensional space.

Start w/ the cheap fixes, and let us know what happens.

June 17, 2002, 18:19
WP, I'll bet you dollars to Krispy Kremes that airbornefist is trying to describe his UPPER (receiver) when he mentions his LOWER (the TMH). Probably that AR thing again, I notice he's a newcomer.

Bottom line: some cheap Inch mags will probably solve your problem.

Inch magazines have a broad tab brazed onto the upper front of the mag which fits into a broad rectangular slot machined into the receiver. Metric mags have a smaller tab punched out of the upper front of the mag which fits into a smaller semi-circular notch machined into the receiver. The broad Inch receiver slot will accept a narrow Metric mag tab but the Inch mag tab is too large to work the other way around. This is where you get "Metric mags fit in both Inch and Metric receivers, Inch mags only fit in Inch receivers."

Usually, Metric mags in Inch receivers DON'T "fit in snug and tight;" the smaller tab in the larger slot makes them rattle around a bit... still will usually work, though. You've got problems. My guess is less of a "follower" problem, and more that your mags are deflecting in the magwell during feeding. It's also possible your "Inch" receiver was originally a Metric, re-machined to Inch specifications; the enlarging of the receiver mag slot may or may not have been done correctly. (The only "authentic" Inch receiver is marketed by Entreprise.)

I'd definitely try an Inch mag or two first. Also, brand new mag springs are available from DSA for about two bucks each, if perhaps your feeding problem stems from weak, worn springs.



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June 18, 2002, 01:42
Well radio you are right I am a new user. All I know is M-4, M-16, M249, M240B. In this family of weapons the part that takes the mag is the lower, the upper is where the chamber is located. What do you call the Fal's then? This way I quit labeling it wrong.
I do not have access to inch mags but I will try to order one or two and try it. Warrior Poet my reciver is made by Century. I know bad mistake but hey I didn't know any different. The only thing I know is that it is Austrailian serial number, and is stamped Century. I will send off for some mags and try it out. Does anyone want to trade a couple of 30 round .223 mags for inch Fal mags?