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June 15, 2002, 14:50
I own a CAI L1A1 with the thumbhole stock. Now there is no muzzle brake on the barrel. What I want to do is put a pistol grip and buttstock on it, yet of course I want it to be legal. So I am in a kind of rock and a hard place. How can I get the required amount of US parts on to the rifle? I would appreciate any help in this regard (the pistol grip sucks, and is very uncomfortable to shoot).

June 15, 2002, 16:31
If you have no muzzel brake you only need to have 10 or less foreign parts from the 20 on the ATF list. Assuming you have an inch pattern lower this would probably be the best way. If you replaced the stocks (buttstock, pistol grip and handguards) with US parts and also bought a FSE hammer/trigger/sear set that would give you the required number of US parts. Your only options for inch pattern stocks that are US made are either Century plastic, or Ironwood Designs wood. The FSE h/t/s set is abt $50 (make sure to specify inch or mertic as they are different). As far as geting the Century plastic, it does not show on thier website, but if you posted in the marketplace section on this board what you were looking for, I bet someone has put wood on a newer Century and has a set of plastic stocks laying around. The Century stocks should be under $50. This would give a cost of abt $100 to change over.