View Full Version : What grit sandpaper?

June 15, 2002, 12:03
I'm trying to get all the old finish off of a Dan's Grade III kit. I don't have access to a sandblaster...can I use sandpaper or a coarse steel wool? What grit sandpaper and is there a better way to do this?

Seth Livzz
June 15, 2002, 14:18
I would think some time of paint stripper would leave the finish unharmed as opposed to sanding the finish off. A combination of stripper and steel wool ought to leave a nice finish.If you do elect to sand it off you might try one of those "flapper" type sanding disks that can found in any hardware store. The type you chuck up in a drill and has numerous flaps of sandpaper around the circumference. I'm sure you'd have to go over the marks left behind with some finer grit paper by hand.

Have you considered sending the parts out locally to get blasted? Sandblasting is the preferred method is plan to have the parts Parkerized btw.

June 15, 2002, 15:02
So just soak the parts in paint remover and then use the steel wool?

I'm taking the parts to a gunsmith to have parkarized...I wasn't sure if I needed to remove the old finish or if the gunsmith did it.

Has anyone here used Dan's in Louisville, KY?

June 15, 2002, 17:24
:D If your already taking it to a gunsmith for refinishing why not have him sand or bead blast it. No gunsmith that I ever heard of charges extra for that. If he does I would take my business elsewhere.:D

June 15, 2002, 18:20
Check out the WECSOG "sandblast" method (http://www.falfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16283&highlight=WECSOG) .:D