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a better view
June 14, 2002, 23:01
Has anyone ever stripped the finish off all the metal and then used a clear bake on coat to finish it?

If so:

1. How is the durability?

2. Any pics available on this site or that you can post?

I think it would give a nice stainless appearance.


June 15, 2002, 07:30
Japanese motorcycle manufacturers have done the clear coat over bare metal thing for many years( usually aluminum ).
Engine cases can reach 200 degrees fahrenheit plus on hot days I would believe. Whatever coating they use holds up for years normally. It will fail eventually at which point the base metal will start to oxidize. You see a lot of old bikes with spiderweb like markings under the clearcoat. The fix is to then strip it completely and repolish and recoat, or not.
A high polish is not that hard to maintain under normal conditions. Mauser bolts were polished only for many years. The old military muskets were polished. If you live in a damp, humid area or intend on taking the rifle out under field conditions a tough weather resistant finish would be nice, if not you might just polish and oil it.
There was a set of pictures posted a few months ago of an FAL that someone was polishing bright. Looked pretty sharp. You might want to look for it.

a better view
June 15, 2002, 11:48
I just found a site in the Fal Images section where PowerFAL posted entitled "Bright FAL" The images are no longer there, however. From the comments, it sounds like what I am looking for.