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June 15, 2017, 05:54
Interesting video that explains the AKB series AK's gas system. These are the guns that lost the trials to the AN-94. Video is in Russian, but you'll get the point around the 45 second mark:

<iframe width="660" height="402" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/W6vj0IpyaTQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

More info here:



AKB rifle was the first of these two. It was designed in 1984. It uses the barrel as the forward moving balancing part! The movement of recoiling BCG forces the barrel to move forward via a gear mechanism. The rifle is capable of firing in semi auto, full auto (1100 rpm) and three shot bursts at 2000 rpm. Note that the barrel is moving inside the barrel shroud as in many designs with moving barrels.


This version was developed a couple of years later in 1986. It also has same fire control settings and rates of fire as the AKB, except in the burst mode this rifle shoots 2 round bursts. The difference is that this one has a fixed barrel and a separate forward moving part sort of protruding from the gas block as seen in the animated image below. This solution is also more reminiscent of better-known AEK-971 (A-545) rifle.

June 17, 2017, 17:09
Nice-that is some hard to find info. Forgotten Weapons has a decent video on the winner (AN94). I believe it was dropped due to cost/complexity.


I love Soviet and Russian designs-it is interesting the lengths they went to to obtain controllable and accurate automatic fire. Almost to the point of defeating the purpose of simplicity of the AK design. It would be nice if the only country in the world to have a 2nd Amendment would allow some of those over for collectors.