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Retired Bum
June 07, 2017, 16:14
The Model 11 is the same revolver as the Model 10 except that it is chambered for the .38 S&W cartridge. S&W made these for export to the British colonies and ex colonies that still used the old .380 Inch SAA Ball round aka the .38 S&W with the 178 grain FMJ RN bullet.

Until today I had never seen one in person. A local dealer had one on consignment sale. I looked it over and I would rate it in about 80 percent condition. The usual handling marks and holster wear that you can expect from an issued service handgun. No lanyard ring and there wasn't a hole in the butt so nothing missing there. The grips were the standard Magna service items. A bit worn but not that bad.

So I asked the price and was told that it was $1200 firm. Now I know that Model 11's are a rare item in the USA but I just didn't see $1200 worth of revolver there. For a mint piece in the box unfired with papers and tools maybe given the rarity. So I took a pass on it. Pity because I would have loved to walked out with that Model 11.

And so it goes.

The Retired One

June 07, 2017, 16:52
You can buy some very nice vintage smiths for
1200 and a good deal less
Good pass to me

Bawana jim
June 07, 2017, 18:04
Kinda like this is it?


June 07, 2017, 18:49
No, the .38 Regulation Police was built on the I and J frames. They were 5 shooters. S&W didn't make a small 5 shot .38 Special until 1950, so the Regulation Police was often bought as a substitute. The 2 inch version was called a Terrier and then Model 32 after S&W began model numbers while the 4 inch version was called a Regulation Police and then the Model 33.

The Model 11 is a K frame and like Retired Bum says, it is just a 4 inch, 6 shot, standard barrel M&P chambered for the fatter .38 S&W. They are kind of a continuation of the Victory Model and British Service Revolver from WW II. Most model marked M-11's went to South Africa, with a few to Canada and Australia.

I bought mine in 1997 from a big S&W collector who had bought a few factory samples that S&W donated to Connecticut Valley Historical Society. New in marked (as factory inventory) box, with "SAP" marked on the backstrap. It's an 11-4 and has the lanyard loop/swivel. Included a S&W factory historical letter.

It's another example of an item being valuable and priced high because it's a scarce variant of a common gun. There were hundreds of thousands of basically the same revolver made by S&W from 1939 to 1945.

Bawana jim
June 07, 2017, 19:09
Ya it's hard to tell what they are describeing so a picture helps. Smith made so many models it's hard to keep up on. To my recollection I have never seen a model 11 up close.

Retired Bum
June 08, 2017, 10:30
The only revolver I currently own chambered for the .38 S&W is a Model 33 Regulation Police. This model along with the Model 32 Terrier was discontinued in 1966.

I have a hard time imagining being a police officer armed with a Model 33. Very easy to carry due to its small size and light weight, but very under powered to say the least. The original .38 S&W load consisted of a 145 grain RNL bullet over black powder. Rated at 685 fps from a four inch barrel. Both Winchester and Remington still offer the smokeless powder load to this day although finding it can be a problem.

I chronographed five rounds of the Winchester load in the Model 33 and got 616 fps from the four inch barrel. Loaded down by the factory due to all of the old hinged frame revolvers that are still out there. I hand load the round using a 150 grain LSWC and Bullseye. My load does 700 fps and I have used it to dispatch a mean looking opossum in my front yard. One bullet to the back of the skull and Pogo was history. Could have done the same thing with a .22 long rifle but I wanted to blood the little Model 33.......

And so it goes.

The Retired One

June 08, 2017, 13:05
I have a Webly 338 S&W from WWII Break top. Nice shooting gun. I load my own.

June 08, 2017, 13:06
I ment a 38 S&W not 338.

Bawana jim
June 08, 2017, 13:25
I think the Britts called it the 380 and I believe I have one of the short boxes of ammo for this. The marking on the box says..

0.380 22
12 rounds


June 08, 2017, 15:04
Unless you just have to have one of every model revolvers that Smith and Wesson made over the years I would pass. As stated before, $1200 can get you a whole lot nicer revolver model.
A 3" Model 13 would get my attention. I got to play with my brother's 4" Model 13 a couple of years ago while he was deployed to Iraq and it was a pretty sweet shooter. A 3" would be the cat's meow.

Retired Bum
June 08, 2017, 16:00
At one time I owned a Webley Mark IV .38 marked SPF which is the Singapore Police Force. Standard five inch barrel same as the wartime model. But this revolver had a cross bolt safety in the frame behind the hammer. I shot it with my hand loaded LSWC's which more or less shot to point of aim. Quite honestly I would hate to be armed with one of these Webley's.

Years ago I found a Colt Police Positive made in 1922 chambered for the .38 Colt New Police round aka the .38 S&W. Still in the box and unfired. Mint condition. Paid only $200 for it and never shot it. Sold it for double that amount 20 years ago. I wish I had it back so I could sell it again.....

I used to see British contract S&W Victory Models for the .38/200 cartridge as they were marked on the right side of the barrel. Usually in rough condition and quite often buggered up with shortened barrels and rechambered for the .38 Special. But I haven't seen one in maybe 15 years or so. Wonder what happened to all of them.....

And so it goes.

The Retired One

June 09, 2017, 19:45
Well one of those old cut barreled chamber reamed BSR S&W revolvers ended up in my pileft of revolvers, looks like Hell but shoots great with 38S&W and 38Spcl.

June 11, 2017, 10:03
I'm glad I'm not enamored with $200 revolvers that carry $1000 worth of 'collector value'. That would have been an incredibly easy pass for me to make.

Retired Bum
June 11, 2017, 17:03

It is all a matter of what you like and are willing to spend money on.

December 2014 I walked into the shop that had the Model 11 and spotted a very nice looking S&W US Army Model 1917 in the case. It was a consignment piece. I gave it a detailed inspection. In issue condition with no modifications of any kind. All matching numbers. The original grips with the lanyard ring. A perfect bore and chambers. I rated it at close to 95 percent condition. I've owned two other Model 1917's over the years and neither one of them came close to this one. Asked the price and it could be mine for $900 plus tax. Christmas was just one week away and I didn't give it a second thought. Out came the DL and a credit card.

Research on the various gun auction sites showed S&W Model 1917's in average condition starting at $1200 and going up for the nicer looking ones. So IMHO I got a decent deal on the one I bought. Last year I took the 1917 to a so called "expert gun appraiser" and showed it to him. He gave it a retail price of $1750. Sounded high to me but then what do I know.

I like nice older classic service handguns be they revolvers or auto pistols. So every now and then I purchase one if it meets my criteria and price range.

And so it goes.

The Retired One

Nomad, 2nd
June 13, 2017, 01:57
Unless you just have to have one of every model revolvers that Smith and Wesson made over the years I would pass. As stated before, $1200 can get you a whole lot nicer revolver model.
A 3" Model 13 would get my attention. I got to play with my brother's 4" Model 13 a couple of years ago while he was deployed to Iraq and it was a pretty sweet shooter. A 3" would be the cat's meow.

They get addictive.
I picked up my 3rd 3" 13 earlier this year. (Most expensive one, $400)

I didn't like revolvers till I picked up my first 3" k frame (a 66)
Now if I could find a 3" 19....

June 13, 2017, 21:06
I wish I could find a M13 3" for that price ;)

June 13, 2017, 22:09
Love those 3 inch Smith's. I've had a few. I still have my favorite, a 3 inch model 65. Wouldn't mind having another 66 though.

June 18, 2017, 17:19
i,too love the 3'' model 65.mine sports a bobbed hammer, magna ported barrel, S&W round butt wood combat finger groove grips. carries like a j frame in and out of the pocket with no snags, and shoots with little to no muzzel flip or climb. and of course .357 ammo.


June 18, 2017, 17:26
For the $1200 mentioned I'd opt for a minty 27-2 and some ammo! I'm mad for older N-frame S&Ws

Retired Bum
June 18, 2017, 19:30

Way ahead of you. I have a purchased NIB 27-2 with the 3.5 inch barrel. Wooden display case and all paperwork and accessories. Also a minty five inch 27-2. And a maybe 95 percent 28-2 Highway Patrolman four inch. I love N frame S&W's. Got 'em in .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, .44 Special, .44 Magnum, .44-40 Winchester, .45 ACP/.45 Auto Rim, .45 Colt, and an old Triple Lock .455 Webley. The only N frame caliber I haven't owned that I wanted was one of the 10mm Model 610's with the five inch barrel.

And so it goes.

The Retired One

June 19, 2017, 10:05
I've got a pre 57 Model 10 that is either a 5" or 6" bbl. Any idea what one of those goes for?

June 19, 2017, 21:33
Would be based on condition, original grips (they were Individually fitted and numbered to the gun back then), barrel length, whether you have the box and other crap they sold with.

S&W has made about 7 million of the M&P/Model 10, so it takes something special to get past $400.00.

June 19, 2017, 21:59
+1 for what BUFF said. Model 10s are the Glock 22s of the S&W world, well-built, reliable guns, at one time carried by damn near every police force (between 1930s-80s in case of Mod 10), very common so not exactly "valuable" per se but still excellent revolvers. I prefer the HB Mod 10s of early-mid 70s vintage.

Nomad, 2nd
September 17, 2017, 18:19
I picked up a model 32 snubby flat latch today at the gunshow.

Saw it, thought of this thread and said "Self, that's one you don't have."
(A few years back I stopped counting my S&W wheel guns when it came to over 50.)

Traded a GP-100 for the Smith+ cash.
The 32 is used but pretty clean, finish is worn in one spot on the edge of the frame.
I'd traded into the GP to help a cop why couldn't afford the new Duty weapon he had to buy himself.
At the end of it all both the dealer with the smith and I both feel like we got screwed a bit.... which I said and he agreed that that probably means it was a fair deal. (Smith will aporeciate, and I have another GP, And he can move a .357 easier than a .38S&W.)

Tracking the trades through I have $339 in the S&W, so I can't really complain.

If I lube it up and vacuum seal it.... will the plastic hurt the blueing in long term storage? Would Milar be better?
Other than a cylinder or 2 (once I find my .38S&W ammo) I don't ever plan on shooting this thing. I have 6+ model 36's as well as 3 or 4 37's.
This one's purely a collectable/appreciating asset. (Come to think if it I have a near mint flat latch 36 I'd like to do that too also....)