View Full Version : couple of newbie para questions

June 14, 2002, 16:38
while I've done searches, neither of these 2 questions have been directly answered.
1). say I have a pre-ban belgian folder with 21 inch barrel and wanted to just change the barrel to shorter (16 or 18). is it as simple as buying the right shorter barrel adn assembling it (if so, which one is compatable without machining adaptation, ie threads etc?)
2). in talking to the mark at ARS he indicates that some folding stocks are different sizes - specifically the south african is 1 inch longer than the belgian/other originals (12, or 12 1/2 inches versus 13, or 13 1/2 inches for the SA folder - and how do these folder stock lengths compare to fixed stock length?). Have any of you shot and handled the 2, and how noticeable is the extra SA length (I know, depends on size etc - and I am 6ft1 with "35 in" sleeve).

June 14, 2002, 17:36
To answer #1, any metric barrel can be used. Headspace needs to be set anytime you change a barrel.
However, if its a real Belgian preban, I'd leave it the way it came. Sell it off to purchase a preban Belgian para or even better, a Springfield SAR48 and get cash back.