View Full Version : FAL 22 sub caliber kit going price?

June 05, 2017, 20:54
I would appreciate suggestions for a fair price for a test fired only (one mag) Kurbelgehause .22 conversion kit, full auto bolt, with fitted case and two 20 rd, magazines and for additional magazines.

Please post here, pm or e-mail at your convenience.

thanks in advance.

Dave O'Neill

June 08, 2017, 08:58
IIRC, Kurbel required paperwork before doing the bearded bolts.

He also had to make mods to them to work in FA.

Mine works fine but not for sale.

June 10, 2017, 14:41
Yes, Kurbelgehause required cc of paperwork before seeing a full auto bolt. I am not sure if he was being prudent or if the law requires. I fired the full auto bolt in semi auto mode (no opportunity for full auto nearby) and there was only normal semi function.

Does anyone know what the actual difference between full and semi auto bolts is in these kits?

Is there a difference between full and semi auto bolts in the .308 FAL?


June 11, 2017, 09:52
The bolts are the same, the difference is in the carrier. The FA carrier has a trip surface for the auto-sear,.....the semi carrier does not. Every FAL built from a kit has a sear-trip carrier unless the builder specifically mills it away. Doesn't matter in the least and there's no legal requirement to convert a carrier. Even ARs are now built with full auto carriers,....same situation. Some people like to make something of it because some of the early import FALs specifically used a semi carrier to placate ATF but it's really not an issue.

One thing I just remembered,........the .22 conversion unit also requires an anti-bounce weight to function which the semi conversion does not. I can't say for sure whether the weight is in the bolt proper or in the carrier and I have a cat sleeping on my lap so I'm not going downstairs to find out, but again it doesn't matter. If the conversion has the weight(which I believe is a drilled and capped chamber partially filled with loose tungsten powder)it won't affect anything when used in semi. It's just an extra feature that would no longer serve a purpose.

Go ahead and sell it. No restrictions. Can't help with a value but iirc my original cost was something like $465 for a FA kit with one mag, no box, paid up front with several years of waiting and all the attendant risk of a first-run item. If it's not worth twice that to someone who wants it 'right now' with a guarantee of actually receiving it I don't think you should sell. I'd compare it to the next best thing which is an Erma or HK kit at 3-4x the original price. Keep in mind that if you are selling it to someone who needs a FA kit you're dealing with someone who has/had no problem ponying up $10k+ for his toy and probably won't bat an eye at spending money on a conversion kit. If you're selling it so someone who just wants a conversion for his semi-auto parts build you're selling to someone who could be just as well served by a spare 10/22. Different market,....different expectation of price.

June 11, 2017, 11:00
Kurblehouse alas replied privately and agreed with you.

Thanks for your very reasoned and detailed response.

Dave O'Neill