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June 14, 2002, 15:14
This be a copy/paste frommy range report in the Images section ... any of ya wecsoggers got any suggestions? :D

Got to the range at 10am. Nice partly sunny day, not too hot with just a light breeze. The range is empty except for the South Euclid Police snipers. They finish shooting their rifles while i'm setting up for the Romak3 and they head over to the pistol range. I got the romak sighted in and they come walkin over to me. I look down and the one guy is carring a fully automatic mp5 with a folding stock *Antares now drooling* They ask if I had any needle nosed pliers so they could adjust their site, looked all over the truck and I didnt, so they packed up and left. Nice guys.

Now that I have the range to myself I whip out the FAL. I put a mag with one round in, and it wont strip the damn thing ... gets stuck on the front of the mag well. Probably needs a polishing.

So I load a single round in the chamber and close the bolt. "Oh shit" The bolt didnt close all the way. Didnt stay open as much as a no-go gague but certainly not all the way closed. I'll post pics of this later. I'm thinkin I got one of those bad forrester gages that I saw someone post about earlier, as it still headspaces perfectly fine...

I was bummed I didnt get to shoot it, but I spent the rest of the morning finishing off sighting in the kobra on the AK, wich now gives me 4" groups at 100yds doin the whole 2 seconds between shots bit. That left me overall happy for the day.

Now to troubleshoot the FAL when I get back from the store.

June 14, 2002, 19:45
Been trying to find one for about a week.No luck.

MM in NM
June 15, 2002, 10:42
Really nice that you met the police snipers and that you shot your AK clone but you sure are lacking specifics about the gun you ask the question about.
If it's on a Century inch receiver check for roughness and sharpness and polish the inner bolt guide receiver rails along the bottom and insides. That should help with the ability to strip a round from the magazine.
If it's not chambering, check and see if the extractor cut is big enough for the extractor to expand and clip over the rim of the round. The way I did it was to remove the extractor (and firing pin for safety) and see if it then will chamber a live round. If it will chamber a live (or dummy) round OK without the extractor out the bolt and won't chamber with the extractor in the bolt then all you have to do is to figure out where the interference happens. Get out the dremel to work on the relief on the inside of the receiver or give the extractor a hit or two with a file. Maybe both.