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June 14, 2002, 04:42
I kinda went off the deep end yesterday, and ordered a Galil receiver, so now I need the rest of it. Do any of you have pictures of the current parts kits from JLD or the last ones that Sarco had? JLD's kits are $556, and Sarco said that they are getting more of the same kits in soon and will be starting at around $400. Which would recommend? I really don't have the money to get a brand new kit ($1000)from Dano, and besides, refinishing is fun!

Sand Pirate
June 14, 2002, 05:46
I don't have any way to post pics, but I bought one of the kits from Sarco very early on. I paid the extra $20 for handpick. The kit I got was in very good shape. Barrel was very nice and bright with deep rifling. Gas tube, internals, and buttstock appeared new. Bolt and bolt carrier appeared very low-mileage. A little finish wear on the outside, usually around the heavy wear points like the mag release and gas block. I was missing a couple of small parts, and one part was broken. Sarco made it right in a timely fashion.

I was exceedingly pleased, until Sarco dropped the price of the kits about $200. Dangit.

June 14, 2002, 06:25
A few JLD kit pictures (

I posted these a while back in some of the other Galil build threads. I think there are some other pictures if you do a search. Not much finish left on mine, but everything was in good working condition.

I just finished putting it together and will take it out this weekend for a test run.

June 14, 2002, 09:26
i think JLD is the only real option short of Dans 1K kits (though id love to have one) my kit was well used and missing most of the finish however all the parts were present and these deserve new bbls anyway-on Woodies advice i cxld my Sarco order-he said his was NOT GOOD and JLD would get me more for my $- you can get a new 1:12 bbl from Brad at gunthings for $40 or a new 1:7 from Dan for $140.


June 14, 2002, 11:02
Gunthings is out of Galil barrels.:(

June 14, 2002, 15:24
I got one from JLD or jldenter.com. It is in good condition at best with all parts usable. The only missing piece is the circlip that hold the bipod pin in. I read several post on the up / down quality and complete status of sarco kits. If you get one from sarco let me know how it works out. I'll definately want more than one of these. Good luck and get a new barrel quick before the prices rise any more. :D

June 15, 2002, 05:26
I got three SARCO kits from their last batch and all three are very good condition with a new uninstalled 1 in 12 barrels. The internals for the lower were all new, no finish worn or any sign of wear. The only bitch is that they did not have carry handles and the rear handguard mount had the Carry handle attachment area cut off. The handguard was worn, but Dano has new ones, the pistol grip was salvageable with a little refinishing. All buttstocks were in very good shape needing only a little painting. I will try to post some pictures.

June 16, 2002, 01:36
I've gotten both the JLD kist and the Sarco kits, and I'd say go with the JLD.
True they are a bit more pricey, but you get every thing with them, and the parts are just as worn. My Sarco kit had no bipod, nitesights (just empty brackets, looks bad tho), carry handle, mag, hammer spring was cut, handguards trashed, no front sight spring, no gas tube spring, most of the pins were trashed, and got the new brl with a bayonet lug which need to be milled off. I haven't built one with a new barrel yet, and don't have the machines to do it with, but I'd rather have a good used barrel. This Sarco kit was also a hand pick, but I also ordered a SAR short gas piston from them and they put the hand pick on the gas piston??Why I don't know. They did refund my $20 and send a rebent papper clip for the hammer spring, and the missing front sight spring. But replacing the other parts, and buying a 50 rnd mag, you'll be ahead with a JLD kit.