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June 13, 2002, 21:37
..Well, it was bound to happen to me eventually..broke off the drill bit tip in the barrel, when drilling out the gas port on a 16.5" barrel conversion (L1A1), now, need advice on removal of the gas block from the barrel itself, so I can try to get at the bit piece stuck inside, I have removed all pins,and surrounding parts,ect, and started with a flat punch & ball peen hammer to pound it off,, still no budge, any help from someone who has been there??? (this is not threaded is it..??)
*Also, will scuff damage (from when bit jumped out of port hole upon breaking) that is IN FRONT of the gas port hole, INSIDE the gas block-piston hole, ..create a leak or disfunction of the gas system, damage is not major, but similar to when a bit goes walking on ya when your drilling...anyone??

June 13, 2002, 21:40
Is the tip of the broken bit actually protruding INTO the bore?

June 13, 2002, 22:15
No the tip is not protruding into the actual bore, I took a cleaning rod and ran it up against the rifling all along the area of the gas hole, nothing caught the edge, tip inside is approx - 1/8" from what i can tell by compairing a similar un-broken bit, do you think the bit is protruding into the gas block..preventing me from removing the block?

June 13, 2002, 22:49

That would be my biggest fear, but it normally takes more pounding than I'm comfortable putting on a punch to remove the gas block.

I use a large section of angle iron and a drill hammer.

The problem is that the tip of the bit doesn't have to be through the barrel, it just has to be through the gas block and touching the barrel to effectively blind pin the block to the barrel.

You could try e-z-out type extractors, but you might want to make a trip to the machine shop for some help from an old salt.

If it were me, I would probably try to bang the damn thing off, and I would probably ruin the barrel and the block trying, but that's just me;)

June 14, 2002, 00:28
Try the search mode, seems like I read where someone used "Radway Green" to remove broken bit. Dave

June 14, 2002, 01:36
THANKS to all who replied, and a Bigtime, Special thanks to Larry of
"FN Specialties" whose step by step (off board) walked me thru getting the gas block off in 1 piece! Thanks Buddy!

I was able to get inside the port hole on the barrel once the block was off, with a dremel micro carving ball on a drill press and chewed up enough of the remaining bit chunks till it fell out on its own, ruined the dremel bit, but saved the barrel and thanks to Larry, saved the block as well..but, man, I do not want to go thru that twice.....!
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