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June 13, 2002, 20:32
Who is the mfg of the Inch Receiver that FAC has in their Current catalog (pg 5 lower right side) for $149. Type 3 and they "cannot state the manufacturer's name in print, but I can tell you that these fine receivers are cast in the same foundry that runs parts for a very well known Firearm Manfacturer. ..." Please tell me these aren't Hesse, I need and inch recvr and this is the best price I've ever seen.

Blood of Tyrants
June 13, 2002, 21:13
I think that the $149 receiver doesn't have an ejector block installed.

June 13, 2002, 22:08
Don't have the catalog, but guessing it is a Century manufactured receiver with ejector block installed.

June 13, 2002, 23:19
I was wondering who made it too?
Can anyone on the board who knows help out?

June 13, 2002, 23:45
Not absolutly positive but I think Harlan posted a while back that these were made by Century.

June 14, 2002, 09:49
Called FAC and they indicated it was "US production for Century", they lady didn't know anything more. Still not a definitive answer as to who the actual mfg is.

Harlan at FAC
June 14, 2002, 10:10
We get the receivers directly from Century. I do not know the name of the casting house, the machining center, the heat treat house or the final finish house.

The receivers come with the ejector block installed.

These receivers definitely do not have anything to do with Hesse Arms.

June 14, 2002, 10:40
Thanks Harlan, I should have asked for you when I called. I'm going to order one.

June 14, 2002, 21:15
I was told these are aluminum receivers, but not sure of the mfg. I called FAC.

Harlan at FAC
June 15, 2002, 11:13
The inch pattern receivers are made of steel.
No one in their right mind would market an FAL receiver made from aluminum.

June 15, 2002, 13:08
I agree with you completely! Unfortunately a woman at FAC who answered the phones told me the reciever for $149.00 was aluminum and if I wanted the 4140 steel I would have to by the Imbel. I called 2 weeks ago.

Harlan at FAC
June 15, 2002, 15:24
OK, I have updated the Tech Notes for this part to make it a little clearer as to material used.