View Full Version : FAL Gunsmiths in Maine?

June 13, 2002, 18:45

I might be getting into the group buy on the Inch receivers. I have a nice L1A1 kit I have had for some time now. Any FAL gunsmiths in Maine?

June 14, 2002, 10:30
Bill Morrison, Bradford Me. 327-1116

He's usually in the shop from 10-2
Have a friend who took his FAL up to him to correct a gas/ejection problem. Bill is a true old school master gunsmith. Don't know if he's had much FAL experience, but he'll figure it out. His health is failing so I wouldn't delay. He had high praise of the design and function of the rifle. Wish I'd had met him twenty years ago, a mechcanical genuis for sure. worth the drive and visit to meet the man.
Hope this helps,