View Full Version : Builders in Omaha Area

June 12, 2002, 22:20
Been prowling around here for awhile and finally jumped in with both feet. I am building a G1 Kit from tapco (ain't we all) and I was wondering if anyone in the local Omaha area could help a fellow gun-nut properly install the barrel and headspace on the FAC type 1 receiver I just bought. I did order gunplumbers video (waiting for it to show up) but I would feel alot better with a second pair of eyes helping out as this is my first FAL build. I have to say this is an absolute blast so far. ( no pun itended)

Also, going to bead blast the pieces and parts this weekend-- anything I should go easy on? (besides threads, gas tube, barrel). Last, how in the heck do you get the hammer/trigger out? I want to totally strip the thing before I blast it and I doubt the videos will be here by Fri. Thanks all for helping a newbie. These boards have taught me alot. ---Mark