View Full Version : For guys with artritis in your hands trying to rack a M1A

April 29, 2017, 11:05
This will be of no interest to the young guys out there who don't have this problem. But if you are an old fart like me with arthritis in your hands you know how tough it can be to rack a M1A. Here's a little tool I made for myself to make it a little easier on my hands.

Its (I think) a AR15 nylon buffer tube spacer. I drilled an elongated slot in it to fit over the handle of my M1A op rod. It slips on and off - and after racking the rifle (especially at a bench) it slips right off so that you can continue shooting without it.



April 29, 2017, 11:18
Great idea. Not that I need it myself, yet.

Looks like the barrel looking handle on the Sig STG57.

April 29, 2017, 11:18
Getting there fast.
Great ideal.
Have to add a wrist strap to it now like some use for a bow trigger.

Semper Fi

April 29, 2017, 19:15
Reminds me of a K31. Good idea.

May 14, 2017, 21:44
I'll remember that nifty little trick
won't be much longer for me