View Full Version : Need help with my contributer status....

Near Sighted Sniper
April 20, 2017, 21:40
OK so paypal locked my acct for using the friends & family option TOO much.
I got pissed & made them delete my acct. Now I have no way to make my monthly contribution, and my space for pm's has reverted back to 100 messages. Can I pay another way? I NEED my pm space.
I could mail a postal money order for the rest of the year if necessary.
Please let me know either in this thread or by e-mail because my pm inbox is FULL!!!!

My e-mail is Postal316@aol.com

Thank you in advance. Mick/NSS

Near Sighted Sniper
April 20, 2017, 21:58
Nevermind. I found it & upgraded to Gold member