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April 13, 2017, 20:51

man, watchin that made me feel ashamed to own an ar.

April 14, 2017, 11:47
I got to handle a couple at Hera's booth at IWA early last month. I was skeptical, but it was actually comfortable and solid. The length-of-pull was short for my monkey arms, but most people wouldn't have an issue with that. Not something I'd go out of my way to get, but, if I had a surplus of funds and no other ideas for its disposal, I'd probably get a set for a just-for-shits-and-giggles build.

April 14, 2017, 15:11
Demonstrating a manufacturers product using a rifle with rattle can FDE finish and the black showing through on all the high spots and wear areas seems kind of cheap. If I were going to demo my product to the market would assemble it on a true FDE parts kit. Purchased four Aero FDE uppers recently for $59 each. Was able to buy free float forearms, buffer tubes, stocks, pistol grips, castle nuts, single point sling adapters for same price or less than 10% more than black easily.

Bought two O.D. Green furniture kits today and all parts were on clearance. Here in the Southeast we live in a green jungle environment nine months out of the year. Even through winter the Magnolia and pine trees are still green along with the thistle and ivy. I do more green kits than FDE and more black than anything due to market availability. But at LGS the FDE guns fly off the shelf and have waiting lists on half the FDE guns have on order. Reason been building so many FDE rifles lately has been the number of FDE receiver sets and extra lowers. Saw the sale on Aero uppers and built my 22 Nosler and fast twist subsonic 6.8 on FDE to make them more obvious that are different. The pair of heavy barrel 24" W.O.A. 1:12 tubes are going on FDE kits with Aero slick side uppers. Since building to zap varmints at long range using 37 to 50 grain bullets their victims won't ever know what color rifles are and if decided to sell and FDE is popular can get a better price locally for FDE or sell out west on gunbroker. Of course not sold any AR's other than a couple SP1 Colts owned since 1980's and gave mom a pair of basic black 16" builds a few weeks ago.

Counted number of FDE receiver kits, loose lowers and using for all of my odd ball builds. 22 Nosler, 5.56 Wylde varmint, 6.8 subsonic, etc. The 6.8's already plan to do Gunskins wraps like other 6.8 rifles. 22 Nosler and varmints will stay FDE and considering Cerakoting some O.D. Green which all my 20" Hbars are thus far and got two more 20" Hbar barrels in shipping so can match them to existing. I do occasionally use rattle cans myself. The Flaming Pig used high temperature high ceramic content spray paint to flatten the shiny stainless steel heavy barrel from gas block forward. Have a couple of truck rifles and a couple short barrel shotguns that get a rattle can touch up every couple years but they are rough use weapons. Not manufacturer demonstrators.