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April 11, 2017, 08:14
This is one nice AR type weapon. Almost every thing could want in a ready to fight rifle except in a cartridge that can't find ammo except what you brought to the fight. Yes, 6.5 Creedmoor shoots flat, this rifle has lots of features, reasonably light but a few things that I found odd. Hopefully someone I know buys it so get an opportunity to shoot it. Retail on LGS wall is $4,999.99, one penny short of a five thousand dollar bill before sales tax, optic, swapping butt stock, pistol grip and muzzle device to fit your suppressor of choice. Say a grand for a nice can, $150 to upgrade furniture (they could have at least used FDE or green to better match the hydro-dip) then minimum $2,000 for optics and mount. Would be more like $3,000 plus for optic, mount and backup/CQB sights or small red dot. I would put a 5-20x type scope on this requiring a nice red dot sitting on top in case had to engage moving zombies under 50 yards.

The basic black milspec M4 style furniture does little for me. A rifle like this deserves a stock with decent cheek weld. Only thing can think is that they expect most people to have a favorite stock and grip based on optics and need so no sense putting something nice in when going to spare parts box. These definitely would come off immediately.



Ambidextrous safety is good and mag release o.k. I don't do the lefty mag release on most builds as just don't need, same as oversize mag release buttons. Learned the easier make it to drop magazine the more likely to punch it out when didn't want to. Personal taste.


The cobbled up right side bolt release seems unnecessary to me and looks like something easily mangled in harsh use environment though this puppy will likely travel back and forth to range in a nice padded case.


Like the easy suppressed and unsuppressed mode selector. Have to assume gas system is tweaked well for each in a $5k rifle.


I like carbon wrap barrels but never built a battle rifle on one mainly because have not found one on clearance. They are rigid, dissapate heat well but again, never run one really hot as only have on rimfire rifles. Nice muzzle device but will have to come off for suppressor adapter.


April 11, 2017, 11:52

That's a lot of money for a D.I. AR with a camo hydro-dip. *If* that's a Proof Research barrel, then it's a $750 or $800 barrel instead of a $400 barrel, but I don't see $5K anywhere.

You could buy two SCARs for that money.

April 11, 2017, 12:08
I'd just send two of my .308 down range quickly and save about $6999.50:biggrin:

I want but I can't until I sell some toys. I was thinking build an upper for one of my lowers I already have.

April 11, 2017, 13:28
With any rifle or pistol, you can spend as much as you want. If anybody is interested, a top of the line AR in 308 or 6.5 CM will cost about $1,500.
And that's with a Geissele 2 stage trigger

You can add cost with an expensive paint job, brake, specialty barrel, etc....
Nothing past $1,500 will add accuracy or function

I have a small custom shop and am experimenting with the 308 AR
Cost, demand and sale-ability experimenting, not experimental building

In an auto-loading platform, the 6.5 CM has a little accuracy advantage over the 308 but not much in a custom AR.

If you want real accuracy, a bolt gun set-up by a good gunsmith is the way to go.

For accuracy
The 6.5x47 Lapua is a better choice than the 6.5 CM
The 6x47 Laupa is a better choice than the 6.5x47 Laupa

April 11, 2017, 18:17
Have a AR 10 with custom machined side charge and top charge upper machined by John at Shilen air gauged tube chambered in 6XC and profiled by White Oak Armament at 26". They made a couple of extras. It was their personal in-shop project when getting into and out of the AR 10 game. Barrels were part of a 24 unit order done for the U.S. Shooting Team. I dare say there are very few AR 10's that will out shoot it with a proper operator rather than me hacking away. Even I can make to occasional long distance connection with it. Use Tubbs DTAC match ammo and let bullets fly. First repeater ever took to a 1,000 yard range and it put rounds into man size silhouette which was a surprise for me on my best days with the big 7mm's. Barrel weighs over six pounds.

Below are barrel and rear end of its red head stepchild fraternal twin and can't find a single picture of White Oak Upper and lower mounted on in tiny pic or on laptop. Because of length both are in very back of largest vault so pulling for pictures is going to suck. Anyone that doubts their existence may have to wait for pictures as have two months work backed up and surgery Friday. Did 278 miles with seven locations ranging all the way up into Western NC today and now horizontal till time for work tomorrow.




Guarantee anyone with ability to lap an upper, order a match barrel with headspaced bolt along with a few other quality parts can build as nice of a rifle as this for under $3,000. Why the $5k price tag stunned me especially with the bottom rung furniture on lower. 90%+ sure its a Proof Research barrel which retails for $827. Receiver set looks similar to a Mega Maten Billet Upper and Lower Set with some extra machining*which sells for right at $1,000. The right side bolt release contraption is a complete oddity that looks lIke a built in malfunction. Would expect they are getting wholesale prices on their parts so price is set for the guy who insists on having most expensive toy in his pile. Chop price in half, throw in a case of ammo and the barrel which has been on my wish list for some time would suck me down the rabbit hole.

April 11, 2017, 18:49
If you want real accuracy, a bolt gun set-up by a good gunsmith is the way to go.

For accuracy
The 6.5x47 Lapua is a better choice than the 6.5 CM
The 6x47 Laupa is a better choice than the 6.5x47 Laupa

Some of the most accurate rifles ever seen were a 300 Gibby and 270 Weatherby Mag with all the freebore removed and bullets seated against the lands. Guy in Alabama shot a confirmed 2.65" group in light benchrest with a 6XC build in a competition. Don't know what current heavy benchrest record is but remember a guy shooting a 2.65" 10 shot group at 1,000 with a 6mm Dasher. Seems like the 6mm loves to fly long. When have enough bank to build and scope another F Class rifle will do a 6XC to match my AR 10's.

Both of my 7mm Practical's are in Stillers actions and one has a Kreiger barrel, other has a Shilen. Am looking at a Stillers Viper action for the 6XC bolt rifle if ever happens. My turn bolt, revolver and 1911 smith's all retired within a year of each other leaving me totally floundering to replace them all. Part of reason twisting up so many AR's as don't have any new precision turn bolts that need a year to find their perfect load.

April 11, 2017, 20:05
Heavy benchrest seems like the most sterile, un-fun shooting competition in the world: buncha engineers making the next Whiz Bang "advancement" that doesn't actually do anything the others can't do in the field. And making trigger release mechanisms so they don't have to touch or bump the gun... :rolleyes:

That 2.65" group at 1000 with 6XC (or whatever)? That's great for that set of guys. I don't give a damn, and none of that has anything to do with building ARs, either.

There is no functional difference in the field between 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 Lapua, and 6 Lapua. None. 6.5 Creedmoor will shoot sub-moa, and the fact that the right gear under the right circumstances will lend itself to 6 Lapua shooting sub-three-quarters-moa doesn't make one bit of difference.

In fact, I was under the impression that the reason 6.5s (Creedmoor, Remington .260, and 6.5 Lapua) were "interesting" right now is that they'll stay super sonic out past 1760. Will the 6mms keep up the energy to go 1760?

Or did this become a 1000 yard benchrest conversation, and I missed it?

April 12, 2017, 06:17
Tend to agree about the Semi Auto rifles. Taking them from battle rifles to target rifles often entails expenditure of money, time, money, reliability, and money.

My bolt gun in 6.5 Creedmoor, a Ruger Precision, fresh out of the box did sub-MOA with factory ammo all the way out to 600 yds. No break in or special prep; just old eyes and older shooter having fun. Will it shoot better, you bet. Haven't even started reloading since it shoots way better than me.

I hear the arguments about this 6.*something is better than the rest or that 6.*something eats up barrel throats, chambers, rifling. The one thing that I do know is 6.5 Creedmoor ammo is plentiful around here and costs significantly less than same brand .308 ammo (up to 30% less).

April 12, 2017, 09:17
Actually enjoy all aspects of shooting. From mag dumping a worn out combloc rifle, shooting run of the mill average AR's, building same type unit into a tack driver in various cartridges till figure out what like, minor tweaks on factory turn bolts, 100 year old lever guns in cartrides designed for black powder to long wheel guns in large calibers to tiny semiautos in small calibers. Can have just as much fun with anything that goes bang but variety is my spice. Otherwise would not be putting any money, time or effort into FAL's as lighter, more accurate, more versitle modern weapons eclipsed their capability years ago. But FAL's, especially inch L1a1's are just dang fun and pleasing to play with. My M1a's keep getting pushed farther back imto vaults as FAL's appear.

Have compact 1911's, unlimited IPSC pistols, pre war dot gov models, modern SIG versions to a long slide Lippard NCO 1911 A2 which is an upgraded version of the pistol Carl used to set to 400, 600 and 1,000 yard world records with a 1911 in 45 acp. Can have same fun shooting Coke cans with a factory iron sight 10/22 as punching small groups in paper with same design action sporting a $400 Lothar barrel and $250 trigger pack plus month of had fitting. I found competitive bench rest shooting boring but do enjoy taking the technology derived from that sport into rifles that extend my mediocre ability to longer ranges. Unfortunately my Colt Snake guns are going up in value so fast may go the way majority of 1886 Winchester's did. Only thing is doubt can pry the Diamondbacks out of wifes pile as ince she shot one with 140 grain wadcutters she confiscated everyone she saw. The 50-110, 45-90, 40-70 and even 45-70 1886's are all gone along with all but one pre 64 Model 70. Value finally exceeded desire to own and was scared of a scratch or dent in furniture knocking a grand off value.

Recent AR builds have been everything from 13.5" AR's to 18" 22 Nosler and have a pair of 24" heavy profile tubes laying on bench for building over the next month along with an 18" heavy barrel 6.8 spc II and a 16" with fast 1:7 twist to shoot subsonic 6.8's through a can. A subsonic 6.8 makes very little sense but found a barrel at a bargain. Have a 1911 at SIG custom shop, a 10/22 build laying on home work bench, G1 in final assembly at work in FAL room and rearranging space so can dedicate an office to AR's as tired of having FAL and AR builds going in same space. Also have some really odd projects going that have no idea if will be able to make them work. But still have a nice 6mm turn bolt build in my head that will cost way too much money and be worth almost nothing as a used rifle.

Recently seen three rifles built by my retired rifle smith for sale on used market starting at over $2,000 and two have slowly dropped $200 at a time to half original price and still sitting. He was never well known outside of the egg head engineer types that like to sit an anvil with a barrel strapped to it, 2 ounce trigger and sit watching thermometers, anenometers, wind flags and having a voodoo priest sacrificing a live chicken before touching off next round just in case there is some magic that might aid the year of truing parts and hand fitting into something that only resembles a rifle. He did have a fair following among a set of hunters that like me, needed every advantage if a long shot at a game animal presented itself and toward end of career built more high end hunting rifles than bench rest. Unfortunately his name is not among the ones published in rags and internet as he never looked to build a brand.

Built nice rifles to customers needs in his well equipped machine shop. Watching the rifles currently sitting without anyone even picking them up at LGS's or bidding online out of ignorance for what they are. A new Remington 700 above, Savage turn bolt below, SIG Tactical to left and Kimber to right the factory guns are rotating frequently. Have examined the bores and throats and look like have less than a box of ammo through them. Except for being in cartridges don't support (yet) have not popped on either but another price drop and will own one if not both. But know now some of my rifles that have $2,000 worth of labor on top of high end parts cost are worth about what a factory rifle is on used market. Every hotrod ever built lost money on and my custom motorcycles would be lucky to get half investment back unless part them out.

This thread is not about bench rest or anything in particular but really a expensive rifle that can't see the price tag reflecting true value. In the end, it's not much more than a kitchen table screw up AR 10 with fair number of top end parts with hydrodip that soon as current fad ends will be worth $1k to $2k used if whoever buys it treats it well and is lucky. I live by bottom feeding off low round count trade ins that someones wife saw the credit card bill, HVAC went out at house, unexpected medical bills and the man who can lay some cash in hand fast owns it. Seven out of eight SIG 1911's were month to six months out of shop before traded in. Five out of seven SIG 2022's were low round count trade ins cause 40 Smith has too much recoil...

Yes, started this about the Nemo rifle and like many threads Segways here and there as pinballs though the internet. I do hope someone I know buys it as two guys locally that buy such have known since high school. They both have tendency to buy guns based on whichever is most expensive in the gun shop. If either buys it will stick a Nightforce on top and just have to be at range when they are to get the opportunity. Found two AR 10 uppers and a lower while segregating the gun room at work into separate rooms. Have my 338 Federal's and 6XC's and had considered building 22-250's but the new AR 15 22 Nosler fill that niche now with very similar exterior ballistics. So now researching what cartridge to build the two receivers and then start looking for discounted barrels. 647 Lapua not hugely different from 6XC, if go with 6.5 the Creedmoor would make most sense as shares same bolt face as 7.6251 and can form brass from milsurp Lake City or commercial 308. 7mm-08 is also a top contender as always liked my 7mm's and have many dozens of bullet designs to work with for load development. Again it shares a lot with 308 so parts will be easy.

Yes, still have some silly bench rest turn bolts in vaults. Probably always will even though the 36x fixed power scopes, single shot, heavy as lead things have little real use except punching paper or if zombies decided to sit a kilometer away from the house and hurl insults about what they intend to do to me when able to sneak up close. Same with the 6XC AR 10's. Less than two years old, cleaned, oiled and in back of vault. Rather have an M1a National Match if SHTF at hand or an AR 10 in 338 Federal. I will keep skipping around randomly playing with whatever rifle blows my skirt up at the moment. Actually shot more rounds through an SKS than any other rifle of late. Since finishing the last "commie gun" been shooting it a lot because it's the only centerfire rifle that doesn't destroy the strike plates in my bullet trap at work if shoot lead bullets. Need to get my iron sight eyes refocused.

April 12, 2017, 12:28
That's an absurd price tag. Hopefully, the rifle performs as it should.

When I'm done with my 6.5 build, I'll be coming in under $3k with a scope.

April 24, 2017, 17:42
I love the kryptec. But I was surprised that they used plain Jane grip and butt. Checked their website and they do ship with the grip and butter stock shown. I thought the shopkeeper had held back. I guess if you're shopping for $5k ARs, ordering ammo to feed it isn't an issue.

April 25, 2017, 18:45

That's a lot of money for a D.I. AR with a camo hydro-dip. *If* that's a Proof Research barrel, then it's a $750 or $800 barrel instead of a $400 barrel, but I don't see $5K anywhere.

You could buy two SCARs for that money.

You know the answer, heck you live in Noveske Land. ;-)